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My Go-to Career Book + GIVEAWAY!

I was recently introduced to Nicole Smartt, a living, breathing success story. This girl knows her stuff. Nicole wrote a book, From Receptionist to Boss: Real-Life Advice for Getting Ahead at Work, and it has become an Amazon Bestseller (for good…


Interview with Reese from Yes Supply Co.

Welcome to my interview series! Today I am interviewing Reese, from Yes Supply. I’ve been reading Reese’s blog and following her on social media for over a year now. I love her brand and message, where she strives to help…


4 Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurs

Information is so readily available to us nowadays, that it can sometimes get overwhelming. Anything we want to know, we can Google within a few seconds. With podcasts, YouTube videos, Google searches, and more…who has time to sit down and…