Interview with Freelance Photographer Sam Landreth

I am seriously so excited to be writing this interview with Sam Landreth for my girl-boss interview series.

In case you missed it, I recently interviewed Reese from Yes Supply Co. I loved learning more about Reese, someone that I admire in the blogger world. (If you missed that blog post, click here to read it.)

But now, I am interviewing Sam Landreth, one of my best friends in the world + also an AMAZING creative/photographer. You are all going to love Sam. Seriously.

I met Sam when I was still in high school, although we lived in different cities. Sam and I bonded over our mutual love for The 1975 + good coffee. We quickly became inseparable, and she is one of my closest friends to date.

On top of being a great friend and person, Sam is super talented. One look at her Instagram feed will leave you in jealous tears. Sam is constantly traveling around the country (+ world) to shoot photos and collaborate with other creative people in her field. I’ll include a little snapshot of some of her latest Instagram’s below for you to get a feel for Sam’s style.

Sam Landreth Instagram Feed

An Interview with Sam Landreth

Can you start by introducing yourself and what you do?

Hi! My name’s Sam Landreth, I’m a nineteen-year-old freelance photographer living in Portland, Oregon. I shoot weddings, brand commissions & social media content.

When did you realize your love for photography?

I picked up a little point & shoot Kodak camera in 5th grade & started taking photos of flowers & plants & my dog. Basically, from that point on, it was impossible for me to put down my camera.

What is your favorite thing about being in your field?

Working for myself! Everything I do is entirely dependent on how much work I put into it. I can travel wherever I want to whenever I want to & I get to meet the most wonderful people. Having no restrictions in anything I do is incredibly liberating.

Has it been hard for you to “stray from the normal path?” Attending college, traditional career, etc.

The only slightly off-putting thing about not attending college & not working a 9-5 desk job is that adults sometimes feel the need to put their two cents in or flat out don’t understand my life. Working as a freelance creative goes over a lot of heads in the older generation. I have to explain everything a handful times before people vaguely grasp the concept of what I do. But if that’s the worst thing I have to deal with, though, then that’s okay!

What is one piece of advice you would give aspiring bloggers + photographers?

Just go for it! Take risks. If what you’re doing doesn’t scare you a little bit then you’re probably too comfortable. If you don’t just take the jump & give it all that you’ve got then you’ll never know what you’re capable of.

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What is your favorite collaboration or project to date?

I loved working on a project with American Eagle. You can read the blog post here if you want 🙂

Also, one of my best friends, Evan Sheehan had a photo that he took of me at Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin purchased by Apple & featured on the back of Better Homes & Gardens + The New Yorker. So that was neat!

Where are you currently in the world? Upcoming travel plans?

I’m writing this from my friend’s kitchen in Chicago. I’m flying back to Portland, Oregon tomorrow night & then in a couple days roadtripping to Utah for a week & then heading to San Fransisco a couple days after I return. Sometimes it’s nonstop but I love it & wouldn’t have it any other way!

Can my readers follow you on any social media to keep up with you?


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