How Raising My Freelance Rate Got Me More Money + Clients

As some of you may know from reading my previous blog posts, I have worked as a freelance social media manager + content creator for over a year now.

I loveΒ being a freelancer and being able to work from home, while still being in college. I have a post where I specifically go into depths about what it means to be a social media manager, and the job details, which you can read by clicking here.

However, today I am going to be talking about a certain “hack” that I came across while freelancing that made me a lot of money and gained me more clients than I could keep up with.

When I first started freelancing, I was a novice social media manager and, in turn, was working many hours a week for low pay. I thought that I had to undersell myself in order to gain people’s trust. Which to some extent, is true. At the beginning of your career, you will need to gain experience and build your resume before you can charge more.

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But, something I realized after some time is that people are somewhat more inclined to hire a freelancer with a higher pay rate. For example:

After I had worked with a couple different clients, I raised my hourly freelance rate for social media management by $10 or so. Not a huge increase in my rate, but noticeable enough. Right after I did this, I started getting tons more of responses to my job applications, invitations to interview, etc.

Why is this so?

People looking to outsource in their business and hire a freelancer are looking for quality. They want the job done well, and to their standards. So, when they see someone charging $3 an hour (trust me, there are tons of people like this on freelancing websites), they question how valuable the person will really be to their company.

Think about it. If you were working for someone, and being paid only $3 an hour, would you want to work very hard? Would you be determined to create awesome content? Please your client to the fullest extent? If you are being honest with yourself, probably not. Because you aren’t being paid for that level of carefulness and perfectionism!

By raising your freelance prices, you are showing people that you are worth it.Your services take a lot of work on your end. You need to be compensated for your time. Do not sell yourself short! You deserve to work with your dream clients.

So, I challenge you to raise your prices (even just a little bit)! Let me know any results you see, and I wish you the best!

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  • Alexandrea Harrelson

    Oh, it can be tough to make that move to raise your rates- but I’m glad it paid off for you!!!!

    • Emma Lenhart

      It really can be! But it’s so worth it.

  • I couldn’t agree more with this Emma. Raising your rates is a great way to increase your client base and the quality of the clients you’re working with too. As more clients begin to realise you get what you pay for, raising rates to something more in line with what you’re actually worth just makes sense (cents!) πŸ™‚

    • Emma Lenhart

      YES! I have realized I get more quality clients when I raise my rates. Thanks so much for reading.

  • Zoom

    You go girl! I admit that I’ve always struggled with setting my rates. It’s a lack of confidence I think, but I’m working on it! Did you set your base rate based on what you felt it would be worth to you or by finding a competitive average rate from people of similar skill sets?

    • Emma Lenhart

      When I first started as a freelancer with no experience, I set my rate as compared to others in my niche. Then as I grew my skill set, I did what felt compensated me for my value! πŸ™‚

      • Zoom

        Awesome, thanks Emma! I look forward to your facebook group πŸ™‚

  • Hi Emma,

    Totally agree… When something is too cheap I always wonder what’s wrong with it πŸ™‚ Higher rates can mean some people don’t hire you, but the clients you do get are better to work for, so it’s a bit of an upwards spiral. Also, $3 an hour is just insane …

    • Emma Lenhart

      Exactly! Thanks for reading Briar. And yes, $3 an hour is insane but I see it on freelancer platforms all the time.