About Emma Lenhart Hello there!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Emma Lenhart and I am a 20-year old lifestyle blogger. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and attend college in Chicago, Illinois now.

Here at EmmaLenhart.com, I write all about college, career tips, financial advice, and life in Chicago. It’s my goal to inspire young women to reach their full potential while living happy lives!

Frequently Asked Questions

When did you start blogging? I’ve been blogging for a little over 2 years now. My original blog, titled Minimalista Media, was a place for bloggers and freelancers to learn how to make a living online. (Interested in making money with a work-from-home job? Check out my ecourse here, The Broke Girl’s Guide to Freelancing. 

Is your hair naturally blonde? Sadly, no it is not! My hair is naturally a medium brown color, but I’ve been coloring it for years. Learn how I dye my hair at home to get platinum blonde hair here. 🙂

How tall are you? I am 5’11”.