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Something you may not know about me by reading this blog is that I love Disney/Disney movies/Disneyland. Like most everyone else, I was raised watching Disney movies. I love everything Disney, and I still get excited when new movies come out 😂

That’s why I was so excited when I was invited to see Disney’s ALADDIN at the Palace Theatre in downtown Chicago. Did you know that over 3 million people have seen ALADDIN worldwide?!

I’ve seen other musicals before, but never ALADDIN. It’s one of my favorite Disney movies, so I couldn’t wait to see it come to life on stage.

My Experience Seeing Disney’s ALADDIN in Chicago

Seeing ALADDIN on stage was absolutely amazing. The entire musical blew me out of the water.

I invited my friend to come see the show with me, and we both left the theater stunned with the production.

Some of my favorite parts about the show:

  • The costumes. were. unreal. Every single character had multiple stunning costumes that really made the show special. I loved Genie’s costumes the best! (see pictures below) Did you know that there are 8,644 Swarovski rhinestones on each man’s gold finale costume in the song “Friend Like Me?”

  • Added songs that were easy to fall in love with. The production had all 5 of the original ALADDIN songs in it, too. I thought the songs were catchy, fun, and really added something to the experience.

  • The set design and attention to detail in the show was amazing. I was worried that they might mess up one of my all-time favorite Disney songs (A Whole New World), but the cast killed it, and the magic carpet ride was, well, magical. You’ll have to see the show to know what I’m talking about 😉

Before the show, I was invited to attend a reception with a friend and mingle with other bloggers. I loved meeting new people, and even got to see a familiar face (Hi, Natalie!)

The theater had a special drink for the occasion called “Three Wishes” which was very appropriate and tasty.

Disney's ALADDIN

Disney's ALADDIN

Disney's ALADDIN

Tour Photos

Obviously, I wasn’t allowed to take any photos or videos during the production. I do have some tour photos to share with you all, though!

Disney's ALADDIN

Disney's ALADDIN

Disney's ALADDIN

Disney's ALADDIN

Tickets are on sale now!

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This code is valid on Tuesday, Wednesday (matinee + evening), Thursday, Friday and Sunday evening performances July 5 through August 6. 

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Disney's ALADDIN

Disney's ALADDIN

*This post is sponsored. However, all opinions are my own and honest. Thank you to Disney’s ALADDIN for allowing me to experience the magic of ALADDIN with you!*


Ever dreamed of being a mermaid before? Well, if so, you’re about to be blown away. AquaMermaid offers a real-life mermaid experience, which I tried for myself, and it’s awesome. This post will be detailing my AquaMermaid Chicago experience and share some fun photos with you all!

*I was invited to attend an AquaMermaid Chicago class, however, all opinions are my own and honest.*

My AquaMermaid Chicago Experience

AquaMermaid Chicago ExperienceWhat is AquaMermaid?

AquaMermaid is an awesome mermaid school that lets you experience what it’s like to be a mermaid for a day (or hour!) Right now, AquaMermaid has locations all over the world, like Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, Kitchener, Phoenix, and Chicago. Of course, I attended mermaid school in Chicago. Mermaid classes can be used for fitness reasons (trust me, it’s hard to rely on only your fin and abs to swim around!), or just for fun!

Oh! And, mermaid classes are perfect for any and all ages. (There were toddlers swimming around when I got there, and also middle aged women!) Anyone can come to class and try being a mermaid.

How does it work?

Being a mermaid isn’t easy! When you attend class, you get to put on your own, colorful tail. The tails themselves are made of stretch fabric like spandex and worn up to the waist. Your feet go into a monofin and the stretch fabric perfectly fits over the top of the fin to give you your tail 😉

What goes on in class?

The mermaid class I attended was 1 hour long, with 5 people in the class + 1 instructor. I attended class with my older sister, Hannah, and we had an absolute blast. After getting our fins fitted to our feet and slipping on our tails, we:

  • learned how to swim with our tails (it’s a lot of work!)
  • practiced different mermaid swimming techniques (like swimming on our side + back)
  • took fun pictures in our tails
  • did group swims, where all 5 of us in the class swam together side-by-side (these were the hardest!)

Honestly, the hour went by so fast and my sister and I were cracking up laughing the whole time. Swimming in a fin isn’t the most natural feeling in the world, but it is SO MUCH FUN and absolutely hilarious to watch each other struggle.

AquaMermaid Chicago Experience

I had the best time with my sister at AquaMermaid and would highly recommend it!

For more information

Interested in AquaMermaid? Check out their website here for more information, or their Instagram here. Want to just buy a mermaid tail separately and skip attending class? Get a tail here.


This weekend was a blast and was also something I had been looking forward to for a long time. A while ago, I was contacted by Kendra Scott Chicago and asked if I wanted to host my very own Color Bar Party. I hadn’t heard of the Color Bar before but was intrigued. After learning about the Color Bar, I was more than willing to sign up and host my very own party at Kendra Scott’s Chicago location. This past Saturday, I invited 4 of my best girlfriends to come with me and shop around Kendra Scott!

My Kendra Scott Chicago Color Bar Party

What is the Color Bar?

The Color Bar is an in-store and online tool that you can use to create your very own, custom jewelry. Using the color bar, you can select your:

  • category (necklace, earrings, rings, bracelet)
  • style
  • stone
  • metal

to create your personalized, one-of-a-kind piece of Kendra Scott jewelry. The options are endless with Color Bar, which is what makes it so fun! Check out the Color Bar online tool here. 

What is a Color Bar Party?

Basically, I was invited to bring some of my best friends to attend an event at Kendra Scott Chicago, and play around with the Color Bar in-store! The party also had fun sips + sweets (like macarons!) for me and my guests. Everyone who attended the party got 15% off their purchase, which was really nice.

Enjoy the photos below from my Color Bar Party!

Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott

My First Kendra Scott Piece

I’ve never shopped at Kendra Scott before, but I am so excited to have been introduced to this brand and know I will be back in-store soon. All of the pieces that Kendra designs are beautiful and the different color options are fantastic. I strictly wear silver-only jewelry, and it was still so easy to shop tons of different designs at Kendra Scott. Plus, the store itself was gorgeous and I’m told it was designed after Kendra Scott’s actual home!

For my first Kendra Scott piece, I chose to design my own ring at the Color Bar. The style of the ring that I got is called the “Theodore”, in Rhodium metal, with a Platinum Drusy stone. It’s stunning!

I got to design my piece in-store, but below you can see what my ring would look like if I designed it online.

Theodore Ring

I highly recommend Kendra Scott’s jewelry, and had so much fun at my own Color Bar Party! Let me know if you have ever played around online (or in-store) with the KS Color Bar!

And a special shoutout goes to my friend Megan Rogers-Reilley, the girl behind Bowtiful Life, who invited me to host my own party! 🙂

*I was gifted a Kendra Scott piece. However, all opinions are my own and honest.*