The 3 Best Brunch Spots in Chicago

The best thing about the weekend for me is undoubtedly, brunch. Nothing makes me happier than trying out new brunch spots with my good friends in the city. The only problem (which really isn’t a problem at all), is that Chicago has a ton of different restaurants to try. While going to a new place for brunch is exciting, there are a few tried-and-true brunches that I always return to. I’ll be sharing the 5 places that I think serve the best brunch in Chicago, and can’t wait to hear from all you babes where you like to brunch 🙂

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The 5 Best Brunch Spots in Chicago

1. Nookies

Nookies is the spot on this list that my friends and I frequent the most. We live close by to the Halsted location, and the food is just too good to pass up.

Everyone can find something that they like on the menu at Nookies, and the food is made fast and tastes great. I’m more of a sweet breakfast person rather than savory, but my friends who like omelets/skillets/meat for breakfast always leave here happy while I can still get my french toast 🙂

My favorite thing to order: Belgian Waffle with Strawberries + Bacon 🙂

2. Ann Sather

Honestly, I had to put Ann Sather on this list for one menu item only: cinnamon rolls. I’m gonna insert a picture below just so that you can see what I’m talking about.

Best Brunch in Chicago

Credit: Pinterest

If you know me at all, you know that I am absolutely obsessed with cinnamon rolls. They are my guilty pleasure and my biggest weakness. Ann Sather has some of the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever tasted, and I can’t get enough of them.

This place is usually pretty busy whenever I go, but there are several locations all over the city, so it could be different.

My favorite thing to order: Duh…cinnamon rolls.

3. LOKaL

I randomly stumbled upon LOKaL my freshman year of college and have been in love with it ever since. LOKaL has two locations – one in Lincoln Park, and one in Wicker Park.

What I love the most about this breakfast spot is that the two locations have two totally different feels. The Lincoln Park location is a lot more spacious, quiet, and toned-down. It’s perfect to go with a friend that you want to catch up with and be able to actually hear each other. On the other hand, the Wicker Park location is upbeat, crowded (in a good way), and fun. They play great throwback and current hip-hop jams at the Wicker Park location, and it’s loud.

I love both locations for different reasons, but the food is awesome. I recommend getting a reservation via calling or OpenTable at either location as they get super busy on the weekends!

My favorite thing to order: French toast + side of potatoes.

What is your go-to brunch order? What is the best brunch in Chicago, in your opinion?

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  • I’m going to Chicago this Summer. The cinnamon rolls from Ann Sather look amazing. I need to go there.

  • I’m traveling to Chicago this month so perfect read! Hopefully I can enjoy some brunch while I’m there 🙂