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Subscription boxes have become all the rage in the past couple of years. There are so many to choose from, and a lot of them are underwhelming (to be honest.) However, I recently stumbled upon Ellie, a “not so regular” subscription box. I’m in love with the company + what they do!

Make Working Out Fun Again with Ellie

What is Ellie?

Ellie is a subscription service that sends you monthly packages full of workout clothing + gear (5 items.) However, it’s not like your average subscription service in a multitude of ways. Each Ellie box usually has a theme or color scheme, which makes it fun and exciting every month.

What makes Ellie different?

Ellie is unlike any other subscription boxes because they actually let you PREVIEW the box being sent out for the month before you decided to buy. You have 3 days to preview a box before it ships out. So…if you don’t like what you see, you can opt out for the month and “skip” the box without having to pay for it.

Ellie’s July Box

I received Ellie’s July “Perfect Summer” box, and I was so impressed! Ellie has the cutest packaging and sends out awesome quality products. I couldn’t believe the box retails through Ellie for only $49.95.

Ellie Subscription Box

The July box came with the following:

  • Super cute space-dye capris
  • A matching seamless space-dye crop top
  • An open mesh back tank
  • An ab roller
  • chilling towel

Ellie Subscription Box

Ellie Subscription Box


All for just $49.95! I truly feel that subscribing to just 3-4 months of Ellie would get you set up with a brand-new workout wardrobe.

Interested in Ellie?

If you are interested in signing up for this awesome workout subscription service, click HERE or go to

And, if you sign up for the 3-month box, you get your 1st month half off! That ends up saving you $25…how awesome?!

*This post is sponsored. However, all opinions are my own and honest.*


Summer is upon us and school is out! When I was done with classes, I decided to head back home to Ohio to spend time with my family and friends.

While I was home, I decided to go to Cedar Point with my sister (Hannah) and her boyfriend (Max.) I have been to Cedar Point before, but not in quite a few years. The park features everything from 17 world-class roller coasters to three areas filled with rides for kids and families, making it the ultimate destination for fun.

The trip to Cedar Point was an absolute BLAST and I can’t wait to share my experience and pictures with you all!

Making Summer Memories at Cedar Point

My sister, Max, and I drove up to Cedar Point on a Saturday evening. Luckily, Cedar Point is only about an hour and a half away from where I live in Ohio, so the drive wasn’t too bad!

Cedar Point

Once we got to the Cedar Point area, we checked into our hotel (Cedar Point’s Express Hotel) and went out to dinner at a shoreside tavern. The area that Cedar Point is in is so cute and feels like a true getaway because of all the water surrounding it.

We decided to get to bed early to prepare for the big day of rollercoasters ahead of us.

*I highly recommend the Cedar Point Express Hotel. Staying at the hotel was so convenient because it is just a short ride away from the park itself, and you also get to enter Cedar Point an hour early when you stay at the resort!*

Our Cedar Point Trip

Since we stayed at the Cedar Point hotel, we were allowed to enter Cedar Point one hour early before the public. This was AMAZING and allowed us to ride the main attractions before the long lines came.

Cedar Point

We decided to ride Millenium Force as the first ride of the day (go big or go home, right?!) Millenium Force was one of my favorite rides and is so much fun.

The picture below is not of the Millenium Force, but of the Top Thrill Dragster. I know, it looks terrifying. Although I didn’t ride Top Thrill this time around, I have in the past and it is absolutely thrilling.

Cedar Point

Another one of my favorite roller coasters that we rode during our trip was The Gatekeeper, which is pictured below. I rode this ride with my sister and we screamed our heads off the whole time 😂 I love roller coasters but I definitely scream like a baby when I’m on them.

Cedar Point

We stopped in between roller coaster rides to get food and refreshments at places around the park. There are lots of different places to eat at throughout the park, but we chose to eat at Chickie & Pete’s.

*I recommend bringing a water bottle with you that you can refill throughout the day…the day we visited Cedar Point was EXTREMELY hot!*

Cedar Point

Overall, our Cedar Point trip was amazing and we had so much fun. Nothing beats a day at the park with your family/friends ❤️ Thank you so much to Cedar Point for working with me and letting us enjoy the park this summer!

Are you interested in visiting Cedar Point? Check out their website here, where you can purchase tickets for the park and more!

*This post was sponsored by Cedar Fair. However, all opinions are my own and honest.*


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Erin Condren. All opinions are my own and honest.*

If you don’t know: I’m a big planner.

Between being a full-time student, social media manager, and blogger…my days are pretty full. And, I never want to forget any important dates/events. Because of this, I’ve been a little bit of a

Because of this, I’ve been a little bit of a planner addict for the past couple years. However, I’ve never had a planner that I absolutely loved. That is, until the Erin Condren LifePlanner™!

I’m going to walk you through my Erin Condren LifePlanner™ on the blog and show you how I use it to organize my life and spark my creativity. Seriously, you are going to be blown away by how beautiful this planner is. (I know I was!) Erin Condren also hosted a VIP Influencer event in Chicago that I was lucky enough to attend. I’ll be detailing the event and telling you a little bit more about the Erin Condren brand later on in this post.

My Erin Condren LifePlanner™

When I first opened my Erin Condren package, I have to admit: I was blown away. I didn’t know a planner could actually be so beautiful 😂

But everything about the Erin Condren brand and planner is carefully curated for both functionality and beauty. My LifePlanner has seamlessly fit into my lifestyle and it makes me so happy to have finally found a planner that I get excited to use.

The Erin Condren website has tons of different planners to choose from and even more importantly: different planner covers.  Choosing from all the different covers was hard, but I finally settled on the metallic painted petals LifePlanner™ in the linen color. I love the silver coil that goes along with the covers color scheme, and also how beautifully my name is painted on the cover.

Erin Condren LifePlanner

The LifePlanner™ is the only planner you’ll ever need. The planner comes with:

  • one stunning vellum overlay sheet
  • one designer cover page
  • two-page opening quote spread
  • two-page 2017/2018 “mini-month” spread
  • two-page goal setting spread
  • two-page monthly calendar
  • weekly spreads for each week of the month
  • and so, so much more!

Everything inside the planner is extremely cute and creative. I was (and am still) blown away by how much thought and design must have gone into creating this planner. Along with space to plan your weeks/months, the LifePlanner™ also comes with fun stickers to use for decorating your months. A lot of the stickers are gold-foiled, which makes them even more attention-grabbing! You can see all of the LifePlanner™ designs at 

(Note: some of the stickers shown below were from separate sticker packs that may not come with the planner but can be purchased separately.)

Erin Condren Chicago Influencer Event

On Thursday, June 8th, I got to attend an Erin Condren event! The event was held at Dylan’s Candy Bar in downtown Chicago (mmm…candy!)

I got to meet some new bloggers + friends at the events while reconnecting with old friends. There were lots of Erin Condren products out on display, and I loved flipping through the different planner layouts!

The event had yummy cocktails + candy for everyone to enjoy. Events are one of my favorite parts of being a blogger – and the Erin Condren event was definitely one of my all-time favorites.

Looking to get organized this year? Use the discount code GETSOCIAL15 for 15% the entire Erin Condren website until July 31!


Thank you Codenames: Deep Undercover for sponsoring this post. Find “Codenames: Deep Undercover” now available at your local Target or online here!

If you don’t know by now, I live in an apartment in Chicago with 4 of my best friends. Because we are all in college, we’re always looking for ways to have fun together without having to break the bank/spend a lot of money.

We like to play cards together, but let’s face it: it can get boring after awhile.

I recently was introduced to the Codenames: Deep Undercover Board Game, so my housemates and I got together one night for a girl’s night in and decided to try it out. It was an absolute blast! We laughed so hard that night and can’t wait to share it with our other friends.

Girls Night In with Codenames: Deep Undercover Board Game

What is Codenames: Deep Undercover?

A new spin-off of the hit game Codenames takes players Deep Undercover with all-new words, art, and mature play.

Codenames (the original game) has been a smash hit since its release, it was most recently nominated for the prestigious Spiel des Jahres and the won the Origins Awards for Game of the Year, Best Family Game and Fan Favorite. This version combines the original gameplay with an adult theme making it perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, ladies nights in, or game night at the local bar!

Codenames: Deep Undercover can be played by itself, or combined with other versions of the game. It’s recommended to be played by adults 18 and up because there is some adult language.

Where can it be purchased?

Codenames: Deep Undercover is available exclusively in North America at Target and You can also purchase it by clicking here.

Girls Night In Essentials

Girl’s Night In is only as successful as you make it 😉 Here are some of my essentials:

  • a solid Spotify playlist (think 90’s hits)
  • your best girlfriends
  • popcorn/pretzels/chips
  • cozy blankets + fairy lights
  • chocolate/ice-cream
  • a good game that everyone likes to play

What’s your perfect girl’s night in like?


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