3 Simple Hacks You Can Use to Stay Organized in College

It can be hard to keep track of everything and stay organized in college with new classes every semester, clubs, teams, parties (that counts, right?) + more.

I’ve been there before. My freshman year of college was a year of figuring out how to balance school with my social life. I was not organized, missed assignments, and found myself drowning in work sometimes.

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However, you learn how to roll with the punches in college and adapt to your new lifestyle. So don’t stress! Plus, I’m here to share a few “hacks” I used my freshman year to stay organized in college and keep on top of homework and assignments.

3 Hacks to Stay Organized in College

1. Use a Planner

Planners make life so much simpler. It may seem like a chore to fill them out and write in all of your assignments, but it’s worth it and keeps you organized. It only takes a few seconds to write out your upcoming due dates for class, and you’ll thank yourself when all of your friends are freaking out about the paper they forgot to write 😉

I like to get myself a super cute and fun planner at the beginning of the year and start on the right foot. Below are a few of my favs for this year:

2. Download Your School App

Not every college/university has their own app, but it’s becoming super popular. So make sure you check to see if your school has one! I was surprised to find that my semi-small school had an app. And after downloading, it changed my life.

My school’s application is iPhone accessible and has a ton of features that saved my butt freshman year. The app has a full map of the campus’ layout, with building names and locations. My school’s app also connected with my online portal and synched my class schedule to the app, so I could always double check the time/place of my classes when I was first starting out on campus.

3. Print Out the Syllabus

One of my college professors once told me that a syllabus is like a contract between the students and teacher. When you receive a syllabus, you are acknowledging that you read everything and understand it.

I get that some people are more digital-oriented. They like to take class notes on their laptop rather than a notebook, etc. However, I really recommend printing out the syllabus for every class in college. It is so much easier to pull out your syllabus in class and look up a due date, rather than pulling out your iPhone in a class that has a strict “no-phone” policy.

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  • Blossom Onunekwu

    Some of my teachers play games so they have 30-paged syllabi with cartoons inside. I don’t like wasting ink, so what I’d do is compile all the useful information in an excel sheet (contact info, reading due dates, assignments). Gonna write a post on this, actually. just a tip!

    • Emma Lenhart

      That is SUCH a good point and tip! I also hate when teachers make the syllabus unnecessarily long. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Really great tips! Planners always come in handy.

    • Emma Lenhart

      Thanks Amber 🙂

  • I could not survive without my planner for class!

    • Emma Lenhart

      I agree!

  • Mikayla Ann

    staying organized in school is so important!! Having a planner and making daily to-do lists helps me for sure xx

    • Emma Lenhart

      Yes, it really is! I love my planner.

  • Sima Greenfield

    I still prefer a paper planner over a digital one. And I love my school’s app especially because it gives us alerts like when there was a bomb threat.

    • Emma Lenhart

      I also prefer that! 🙂 And I get safety alerts, too. Good point!

  • Susana Lopes-Snarey

    Such a cool post!! I may not be in college anymore (it’s been a longgggggggggggg time 😂) but the suggestions still apply to everyday life. Really fun and well written it. I’m both a digital and paper girl.

    http://www.susanalopessnarey.com (Style & Life by Susana)

    • Emma Lenhart

      Haha no worries! Thank you for your kind words.