Blog theme: Pipdig is my favorite place to go for WordPress blog themes. The theme I currently use for this site is from them, and I love it! They also have amazing customer service and always email me back within 24 hours when I have any problems or questions for them.

Blog hosting + domain: HostGator is the absolute best website hosting I have ever found or used. They offer affordable website hosting with great customer service. You also get a free email address with your domain, which is awesome + is how you can get an exclusive email address for your blog, like how I have

Setting up a WordPress blog: Read my comprehensive blog post about how to get your blog up and running here! It includes step-by-step images that explain everything you need to do to get started.

Editing: Grammarly is my secret weapon and I never write a blog post/email without it. It installs into your web browser and instantly catches any spelling or grammar errors you might make. It has simplified my blogging process so much + I don’t know how I wrote without it.

For creating spreadsheets + drafts: Google Drive. It’s completely free and allows you to organize everything with your blog + biz in one convenient place. Google Drive also easily allows you to share your documents with others. I use Google Drive almost every day to keep things organized.


Pinterest Automation: If you don’t need someone to full-on manage your Pinterest account, but still want some help, check out BoardBooster. I personally use BoardBooster to schedule my pins and share my blog posts to popular group boards. It’s awesome, and plans start at only $5/month!

Comprehensive Social Media Management: Deluxe Services offers more than just social media management. In fact, they offer web design, email marketing help, eCommerce services + tons more. However, their social media management is top rated and truly invaluable. If you need help with Facebook ads, growing your social media audience, running giveaways, etc. Deluxe Services is for you.


Creative Market is the best place to go to find design resources! They offer original fonts, templates, graphics, and more on their website. Click here to get 10% off your first purchase. 

Graphic + Document creation: Canva is your new best friend. You can use it for free to create graphics, PDFs, and more. Canva allows you to be creative and make beautiful deliverables for your business or blog. I personally use Canva and would be lost without it!

Photography: I use a Canon T3i and it has served me well. It’s an inexpensive option to choose if you are looking to get started using DSLR cameras. The camera provides professional, high-quality photos without the thousand dollar price tag. I would highly recommend this camera to other bloggers!

Free Stock Images: Unsplash is a free website to use that provides creative stock photos for free. I’ve found that Unsplash’s photos are a lot less “cheesy” than other stock photo providers, and are actually aesthetically pleasing. If you need to use stock photos for your blog/biz, Unsplash is the place to go.


Promoting your stuff: My exclusive Facebook group is great for creatives who want to connect with others while promoting their biz/blog. It’s free to join and a great resource to have up your sleeve.

Video calls: Skype is a free application that allows you to talk to people all around the globe. I like to use Skype to communicate with potential clients + conduct interviews.


Online store: If you want to sell products online, you better be using Shopify. It makes ecommerce easy and sets up your store to look incredibly professional and legitimate. It handles the messy stuff of ecommerce for you, so you can get started making money ASAP!

Getting paid: I use PayPal to get paid for any services that I provide to clients online. It’s free and connects to your bank account so you can get paid quickly + easily. I also love to track my income with PayPal by looking at all past transactions.


#GIRLBOSS: One of my favorite books, written by the founder of the popular clothing brand Nasty Gal. The book is now a series on Netflix, too!

Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook: A great book to read if you want to understand social media marketing and what really works online.

You Are a Badass: Read this book if you want to tap into just how powerful you truly are! This book motivates me every time I read it, and also has actionable tips to use for tapping into your greatness.

*Some of the links on this resource page are affiliate.*