I was recently introduced to Nicole Smartt, a living, breathing success story. This girl knows her stuff. Nicole wrote a book,¬†From Receptionist to Boss: Real-Life Advice for Getting Ahead at Work, and it has become an Amazon Bestseller (for good reason). Nicole “started her career fresh out of high school at a local staffing firm, where she worked as a receptionist. In a very short time, she worked her way up to business services manager where she oversaw the clerical placement division.” Nicole’s book, From Receptionist to Boss: Real-Life Advice… View Post

I am seriously so excited to be writing this interview with Sam Landreth for my girl-boss interview series. In case you missed it, I recently interviewed Reese from Yes Supply Co. I loved learning more about Reese, someone that I admire in the blogger world. (If you missed that blog post, click here to read it.) But now, I am interviewing Sam Landreth, one of my best friends in the world + also an AMAZING creative/photographer. You are all going to love Sam. Seriously. I met Sam when I was… View Post

*Want to become a freelancer? Learn from me in my e-course available NOW,¬†“The Broke Girl’s Guide to Freelancing”* Something that I have never really discussed on this blog is what I did for work before becoming a freelancer and working as a social media manager. Well, brace yourself, because it’s pretty bad. When I was in high school, I decided to get a job as soon as I was old enough. I started by working at an ice cream shop in a nearby area, and working as an ice cream… View Post

Welcome to my interview series! Today I am interviewing Reese, from Yes Supply. I’ve been reading Reese’s blog and following her on social media for over a year now. I love her brand and message, where she strives to help female creatives, and future girl bosses create a blog, business, and life they love. Sounds good, right?! I got the opportunity to interview Reese and I’m so excited for you all to read it. Feel free to take inspiration from her and follow along on her journey. Thanks so much… View Post