Deciding how to pick a college is extremely stressful. I still remember my senior year of high school, when I was frantically applying to schools, writing essays, and visiting campus’ nationwide. A huge part of my decision was whether to attend a traditional state school or a big city school. In the end, I ended up choosing a city school, and now attend university in Chicago, IL! While I love the choice I ended up making, I wish I would’ve had someone to tell me the pros/cons of attending a city… View Post

While being an entrepreneur/blogger may seem glamorous, it’s not all fun and games. Sure, there are days when the ideas flow like water and the creativity never ends. But, more often than not, writer’s block happens, which is usually accompanied by a lack of motivation, and a heaping dose of doubt. I often find myself looking for inspiration or resources for motivation. I admit that there have been days when I feel overwhelmed by everything I’m doing/want to do. My thoughts can get the best of me, and I start… View Post

*This post does contain referral and affiliate links.* Online shopping has become a real problem in my life. Or rather, for my bank account. I love online shopping and browsing the best online shopping websites so much more than shopping in person these days. It seems so much less stressful, I can take my time browsing the website, and it arrives at my house in a pretty package just days later. Kinda like Christmas morning 😉 But really. Online shopping is the best, and we all know it. I usually… View Post

*This post does contain affiliate links* Halloween is coming up in less than a week, eeek! I must admit, I still do not know what I’m being for Halloween this year. However, I do have a ton of last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas that I have used in the past that I keep up my sleeve for emergency situations. Save your money this Halloween by creating your own DIY Halloween costume with items you (probably) already have in your closet. DIY Halloween Costume Ideas SANDY OLSON FROM GREASE Grease is one… View Post