How to Make A Resume Stand Out from the Crowd

Looking to snag a new job? Showcase your skills? Check out my top 3 strategies + tips for how to make a resume stand out from the crowd. These methods will ensure that your resume will stand out in comparison to other job applicants!Without further ado, check out my top 3 strategies + tips for making your resume stand out from the crowd.

1. Make it Visually Appealing

Gone are the days when a resume was simply a bullet pointed list.

Resumes are now a complete and total representation of who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and what you can potentially bring to a specific brand or company.

Your resume should not be something boring to look at. Imagine if you were the person in charge of finding a new person to hire at your company. Suppose you get 200 applicants. That means you now have to look over 200 separate resumes. Reviewing those resumes could take hours on end!

If you were the person looking to hire, Wouldn’t you rather see something colorful, intriguing, and beautifully organized rather than something black and white?

Make yours stand out by putting time into making it and organizing your information/credentials.

The other day, I saw someone’s resume that was a VIDEO GAME. Yes, you read that correctly. The person had created a Mario-like interactive video game that showed their software/app developing skills. How cool is that?!

While not everyone may want a video game, you can still be super creative in your layout. Think of ways to set your design and content out from other applicants.

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2. Spell Check

I cannot stress this point enough.

If you have spelling errors/grammar mistakes in your resume, you are pretty much ensuring that you will not get the job. Honestly! Who would decide to hire someone that cannot write a one/two page portfolio about themselves without grammar mistakes?

In one of my college writing classes, my professor told us a story that relates to this very topic. My professor’s dad was a very high-up corporate businessman and had a ton of power and respect in his industry. She told us that whenever her dad read a resume with just ONE spelling/grammar error, he would throw it in the garbage can.

She said that a person could be the most qualified for a job opening, but if her father found a mistake, their chances were gone. Yikes!

My favorite way to ensure that I never misspell in my career writing is to use Grammarly.

How to Make a Resume with Grammarly
Grammarly is literally my secret weapon that saves me a from ton of headaches. The tool can easily be installed into Google Chrome, and when activated, automatically underlines and catches your grammar and spelling mistakes.

3. Use keywords

Something to think about when creating your resume is word choice. Using keywords and strong verbs helps to make a resume stand out among others. Imagine the person reviewing your resume only has a few minutes to scan through yours…put as much impact into it as possible.

Some keywords/strong verbs to use:


Do you have any tips for how to make a resume stand out?

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  • Very good tips. I think #1 is the most important. In a stack of CV’s you want yours to be the one that gets stuck in the head of the hiring manager. I have made the the experience that the simpler the CV design, the more responses 🙂

    Great post, Emma!

    • Emma Lenhart

      Thanks, Nico! I agree with you 100%.

  • Follow My Gut

    It’s so funny that you say spell check because it can be so easily overlooked! I think when people (myself included) spend so much time trying to to make a resume stand out that spell check often becomes forgotten. But I love all these points and think they are super helpful and useful. Lovely reminders =]

    Danielle | <3

    • Emma Lenhart

      That is so true, Danielle! Spell check is so overlooked. Thanks for your kind words + for reading.

  • DishesLaundryandLove

    I teach high school business courses and you would not believe the number of students that I have who neglect these items. Some of them think someone is just waiting to hand them a six figure job when they get out of college. Thanks for sharing!

    • Emma Lenhart

      That is an awesome job! Thanks for reading 🙂

  • These tips are great! I love that you mention spell check, because it so easily overlooked! Grammarly is my secret weapon too. I recently discovered it and now I cannot live without it!

    • Emma Lenhart

      Thank you, Amelie! Grammarly is the best secret weapon ever 😉

  • These are great tips! Visually appealing is so true. The standard layout doesn’t cut it anymore. And yes spelling is always a must! Love this!

    • Emma Lenhart

      Thank you Tracy! I really appreciate your kind words.

  • Raquel

    Awesome tips, Emma! I always love working on the design of my resume – having it look clean cut for employers is a must.

    • Emma Lenhart

      Thank you so much! I totally agree.

  • Michelle Lee

    Good timing as I just wrote a resume for the first time in 6 years yesterday!

    • EmmaLenhart

      That is perfect, Michelle! Good luck 🙂

    • Emma Lenhart

      Perfect! Good luck 🙂