How I Edit My Instagram Photos for a Minimal, Desaturated Feed

Let’s admit it: Instagram is all the rage.

I personally love Instagram because it allows me to curate my own personal brand and aesthetic. (Check it out below and follow me here!)

I like to edit my photos in a very specific way, and frequently get questions about how I edit my photos. Keep in mind: I spend quite a lot of time on editing my photos because I want them to represent my own unique style. (In other words: I realize not everyone edits a photo to the extent I do!)

Nevertheless, I’m very open to sharing my creative process with you all and letting you into my little world of Instagram photo editing.

How I Edit My Instagram Photos for a Minimal, Desaturated Feed

1. Make Basic Edits

Not every picture is perfectly framed/cropped when it’s shot, so I like to start my editing process off by making some basic edits. I use my iPhone for this step.

Before Basic Edits

How I Edit Instagram Photos

The image you see above is a photo I received from a photographer. It was shot on a DSLR camera, and sent to me via Dropbox.

I love this photo, but don’t like some of the tones in the background (which I will fix later), and I also don’t like the parked cars, either.

To fix this, I will use my iPhone to make some basic edits (cropping, straightening.)

After Basic Edits

How I Edit Instagram Photos

2. Desaturate Harsh Tones

This step is crucial in my photo-editing process. I like my photos to have a monochromatic, neutral feel, but sometimes; the surroundings aren’t always perfect.

No worries! That’s what Photoshop is for 😊

I learned how to desaturate my photos from one of my favorite bloggers, Fashionlush. She has an awesome post up about how she desaturates her photos, which includes a follow-through YouTube video. Instead of trying to recreate the tutorial, I decided it would probably be best to link you to hers! (Click here to see how to desaturate photos in Photoshop.)

After Desaturating

How I Edit Instagram Photos

As you can see, I took out some of the green tones from the trees in the background, and also the blue undertones in the street/pavement. The end result is a more cohesive and less busy photo.

3. Apply Filters and Add Finishing Touches

The last things I like to do before uploading a photo to my Instagram feed is to apply a filter and make finishing touches.

I like to use VSCO Cam for applying filters to my photos, because it allows me to fine-tune how heavy I want the filter to be. *Secret: My go-to Instagram filter in VSCO Cam is called “S3”

After Filter

It’s in the VSCO Cam that you can also fix things like Contrast, Brightness, Grain, and more. A lot of these settings depend on the photo and personal preference.

And now, it’s time to upload to Instagram!

If you follow these steps, you will be left with a beautiful, desaturated + natural-looking photo.

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  • linee

    Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂
    I tried to maintain a minimalistic Instagram feed for quite some time but gave up 😛
    Def. gonna work on my Instagram asthetic again tho!

    And I totally LOVE VSCO Cam as well 🙂 A must-have for every blogger!
    xo Laura