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If you’ve been following me for a couple years now, you may know that I am (what Amelia Rose Studio’s owner Jodi calls) a “blonde-a-holic.” I love my blonde and have been bleaching + lightening my hair for years.

That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to get my hair colored by Jodi Shachar at Amelia Rose Studio. Jodi specializes in blondes, and I trusted her with my locks.

The sad truth is that my hair was waaaay overdue for a color. I had been double processing my hair (bleach + tone) for about a year, but “let it go” and my darker roots were overgrown. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my hair anymore, and I was a little lost.

Want to know how I used to dye my hair at home? Read my post “How to Bleach Hair at Home for the White Blonde Look”

But Jodi knew just what to do, and consulted with me during my appointment, suggesting that she add in both highlights + lowlights to give me a softer blonde. I was down for the cause, and in just a few hours, my hair was completely transformed into a beautiful, ashy, blonde.

About Jodie Shachar

Jodi’s story is really cool, and I loved being able to hear it told by her personally. She always wanted to have a baby girl but instead was blessed with 3 boys. Instead of giving up on that dream, she decided to create Amelia Rose Studio, a space that reflects all of the traits she would want her daughter to have: elegance, beauty, confidence.

Jodi’s energy and attitude is contagious, and I had such an awesome time chatting with her during my appointment. She really takes time with all of her clients + recognizes that blonde hair coloring requires a little extra patience + attention.

Another cool thing about Jodi + the salon? It is sustainable + a certified Green Circle Salon; which means that she recycles everything she can: foils, color, and even hair.

Before + After

Before you look at these photos, I’m going to ask you to not judge me 😂 I am well aware that I let my blonde go for far too long, and that’s why I needed Jodi’s help so badly.


amelia rose studio


amelia rose studio

amelia rose studio

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Interested in getting the perfect blonde? Visit Amelia Rose Studios’ website by clicking here, or calling the salon at 773-519-1336.

*This post was made in collaboration with Amelia Rose Studios. All opinions are my own and honest.*


Chicago’s most exciting music festival is happening this weekend and the city could not be more ready! I’m planning on attending Lollapalooza for my first time ever, and can’t wait to share my experience with you.

Before hitting the park, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need to look + feel your best. I’m partnering with Bed Head to show you how to get ready for this weekend in fun + stylish way!

Lollapalooza Hair Styling Essentials

There’s no doubt that it is going to be HOT outside at Lollapalooza, so it’s important to make sure your style stays in place and that you are not damaging your hair in the heat.

I’m using a few Bed Head products before + during Lollapalooza to keep my hair looking fresh. The great part about Bed Head products is that all the products were signed to be blended, layered, and cocktailed together! 

To protect my hair from the harsh sun, I’m using the TOTALLY BEACHIN’ Shampoo + Conditioner. The shampoo cleanses hair to remove sweat, sea, and sand (and trust me, there will be lots of sweat at Lolla!) The conditioner helps treat stressed locks and replenishes shine.


I’m also going to be using my HAUTE IRON spray from CATWALK by TIGI to protect my hair from any heat styling I may want to do before going to the festival.

I love flat ironing my hair to get a super sleek look, but hate the damage it causes my tresses. Luckily, HAUTE IRON spray protects my hair from high temperatures while adding more shine to my look.



Like what you see? Bed Head products can be purchased at Ulta Beauty or at!

Come party with Bed Head!

You’re invited to an exclusive event at The Bed Head Hotel! Bed Head Hotel is taking place at The Hard Rock Hotel (230 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60601) on August 4th + 5th from 12 PM until 6 PM.

I’ll be at The Bed Head Hotel on Saturday night and would love to see some of my blog readers there! Check out the picture below for more information.

*This post is brought to you by Bed Head by TIGI and Her Campus Media All opinions are my own and honest.*


Quick backstory: I grew up loving MAC Cosmetics. I remember being in middle school and saving all of my babysitting money up, just to go to the mall on weekends and buy a new MAC lipglass or lipstick 😂 They were the first high-end brand that I knew of when I was just a pre-teen, and continue to love the brand to this day.

I recently received a package from MAC containing their most popular lip products. (I basically now own an entire MAC counter now.) While I normally sway towards more neutral and nude shades, I wanted to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone and venture into the world of bright lips for the summer.

My Must-Have MAC Lip Products for Summer


MAC lipsticks are truly my favorite in the industry. They are pigmented, feel creamy on the lips, and come in the best colors/hues. I also love the different finishes of their lipsticks. My first favorite

My first favorite lipstick is Heroine (see below.) Heroine is a bright purple color with a matte finish. I love the unexpectedness of this color and I think that it could look gorgeous in the summer with a tan.

*Tip: Scared of bold/unusual lip colors? Try dabbing just a bit of the lipstick in the center of your lips + blending it out with your finger. It will give you a more muted, stained type of look!*


My next favorite lipstick is M.A.C. Red. I honestly do not know how I didn’t already have this color in my collection…but I’m kicking myself for not getting it sooner. It really is a true, bold red that looks good on a variety of skin tones. And, red lipstick always makes your teeth look whiter, which doesn’t hurt 👍🏼


And because I couldn’t help it and I’m a creature of habit, I had to include a nude color in my favorite picks for summer. There’s really nothing more classic in my eyes than a nude lip + big, bold lashes for a night out on the town. My neutral lipstick pick for the summer is MAC’s “Yash.”


Liquid Lipcolors

MAC has a great line of lip products that are “liquid lipcolors”, basically liquid lipsticks. I love wearing these when I want my lip color to last long throughout the night, without having to worry if it budged/moved around. (Nothing is worse than going to the bathroom to see your lipstick has been feathering/bleeding all night.)

My 3 favorite liquid lipcolors for the summer are “Back in Vogue”, “Burnt Spice”, and “Fashion Legacy.” You can see them all below (listed from left to right.)


Side note: How gorgeous is MAC’s packaging?! I love the sleekness of it and how simple it is.


MAC’s lipglosses are classes lipglasses…basically, because they look like glass when on the lips. It’s hard to find a lipgloss out there that is shinier than MAC’s formula. And trust me on that, because I’ve been a lipgloss lover for years now 😂

My MAC lipglass picks for the summer are on the more coral-pinky side of things. I think coral is the perfect summer shade to wear during day or night, and MAC’s “Pink Lemonade” lipglass is a great shade (pictured in the middle below.)

My other two lipglass favorites for summer are MAC’s “Candy Box” and “Pink Nouveau.” (Candy Box is the bottom-most lipglass below, and Pink Nouveau is on top.)



What is your go-to MAC shade for summer? Are you a neutral girl like me, or do you like more bold and daring colors? Let me know!

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*I did receive these products as a gift from MAC Cosmetics. All opinions are my own and honest.*


I spend a lot of time writing about ways to make money on the side on this blog, and frankly, it’s because I have been using the methods I write about myself for years. Whether it’s taking online surveys or freelancing, I know lots of the different ways to make money for yourself online.

Read about my ways to make money online below:

Recently, I came upon a brand new way to make money on the side, and I know that you all are going to love it.

If you have designer pieces in your closet right now, you could be making money every week off them.


How to Make Money Off Your Closet (Without Selling Anything!)

The truth of the matter is that people love designer clothing + accessories. But what they don’t sometimes love is the pretty price tag that comes along with buying designer. Luckily, there is a new Chicago company that recognizes this and wants to provide a solution for Chicagoland.

DesignerShare is Chicago’s first truly peer to peer designer rental service, that allows people to rent out their clothing/accessories to other Chicagoans while making money!

How does DesignerShare work?

  • Head over to and make an account. Setting your profile up is super easy, and only requires a few details.
  • Decide whether you want to rent your clothing out, or whether you want to rent a piece out from someone else.
  • Navigate to your Dashboard. Here, you will be able to see “My Lending” and “My Renting”. If renting your own pieces out, click “List a new item.”
  • Enter details about your item, like the brand, color, dimensions, etc. Then, add photos to your listing to show it off!
  • When finished, your piece will be added to the DesignerShare website and will be put up for other Chicagoans to view. When it gets rented out, a DesignerShare representative will come pick it up from you!

When I first heard about DesignerShare, I’ll admit, I was a little bit skeptical. But after trying it out for myself, I am completely SOLD. The quality of the items listed on DesignerShare is top notch and their customer service is amazing. I personally know + have met the people behind the company, and they are the sweetest.

ALSO: All DesignerShare rentals come with insurance. If you are nervous about your dress/shoes/handbag being rented out and scratched or ruined: you have nothing to worry about. DesignerShare charges insurance to protect your belongings!

How much money can I make?

DesignerShare recommends listing your items for 10% of their original price when putting items up for rent. When someone decides to rent out your item, you will be notified and someone from DesignerShare will even come to your house to pick up the item for you. They take all the hard work off your shoulders!

My DesignerShare Experience

I recently got to pick something from DesignerShare to rent for 2 weeks and it was amazing. Although there are many things I love on the website, I decided to rent out a beautiful YSL clutch.

After picking out the clutch, I put my request in for rental and chose a rental drop-off time. This is the time window when I knew I was going to be home and be able to get the YSL delivered to my door.

The rental came right on time and was delivered in a cute DesignerShare bag.


The clutch was even more beautiful in person than online (only the best things are.)

I love the immense detail that Saint Laurent puts into their bags. I wore the clutch out around the city to several events and got tons of compliments.



How I Styled my DesignerShare Rental

The best part about renting from DesignerShare is getting to rock your rental! Check out the pictures below to see how I styled my YSL clutch for a Chicago summer day.



Interested in DesignerShare? Tell me in the comments below if you are going to start lending out your designer pieces to make money! And, if you want to rent something off the website for yourself, use the code “EMMA” at checkout 😉