You may not know this, but we have probably met before. I’m Emma Lenhart.

That is if you landed on this page by clicking a link from one of my social media platforms, newsletters, etc.

Allow me to clarify. My name is Emma Lenhart. I am a blogger and the founder of my own business. I am the girl that was behind Minimalista Media, a website started back in February. Minimalista Media was my baby, and I worked hard to grow it’s readership and following. However, I decided to start a new venture. Which leads me here, to

Why the heck did I do this? Well, Minimalista Media was a tornado.

I mean that in the nicest way possible. The website honestly had no direction or clear focus. I was attracting audiences of all sorts. Nothing was planned, and I was (weirdly) okay with that.

I first started Minimalista Media to teach others how to simplify social media. I had learned the business of social media marketing through many internships, and I was a social media manager as my job (I still am a part-time freelancer). However, I realized that teaching others solely about social media was not my only passion. I loved lots of things, and yes, social media was one of them. But I also loved freelancing, career planning, entrepreneurship, girl bosses, and much more.

I realized that Minimalista Media would never fulfill all of my passions and pursuits, and have now decided to rebrand my business and create a new domain, under my very own name. I want to be as clear and transparent with my readers as possible and allow you all to follow me on my career journey, and also as a blogger.

My hope for this new stage (and blog) is that I will be able to unite all of my career-related interests under one roof. I hope you enjoy the new website and invite your friends to read along!

Also, check out my Instagram and Twitter accounts to follow along with my everyday life!