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Something that I have never really discussed on this blog is what I did for work before becoming a freelancer and working as a social media manager. Well, brace yourself, because it’s pretty bad.

When I was in high school, I decided to get a job as soon as I was old enough. I started by working at an ice cream shop in a nearby area, and working as an ice cream scooper. I remember being so excited to start after being told I had been given the job. But boy was I wrong. That job exposed to me everything that I hated about working. The hours were long and ran late into the night. The store closed at 11 pm, but closing the shop and mopping/sweeping the floors required at least an extra hour. I was getting out of work, exhausted from carrying 5-gallon tubs of ice cream, just as all of my friends were just going out to do fun things together.

Then one day, after crying to my mom about how much I hated work one too many times, I realized something. I was not legally bound to work at this establishment for 10+ years. I wasn’t going to go to court if I decided I didn’t want to work the rest of my summer as an ice cream scooper. So, I quit.

After that, my boss emailed me and told me that “If I wanted to use [insert ice cream shop name here] as a reference, I was going to have to continue working for her for a few more weeks. I wrote back and told her that I was fairly certain that I would never need her as a reference for a job in the future.

I have been freelancing for about a year long, now. And I absolutely love every day of it. Sure, I had to go through a couple lame gigs to realize my true passion, but I am now in a place that makes me happy.And I want that for all of you, too! Keep reading to find out the 5 reasons you should really become a freelancer.

How to Become a Freelancer

5 Reasons You Should Become a Freelancer Today

1. You have the freedom to quit if it’s not right.

Like I demonstrated in the story before, it took me a long time to realize that I had the freedom to work where I wanted. I always felt trapped and bound in. Which can sometimes be true in the “real” work world, where there are contracts, etc. However, being a freelancer means that you are in charge of the work that you take on.Because of this, you are able to say “no” to someone that doesn’t seem to fit well with your business or area of work.

2. You don’t have to answer to a scary boss.

I love this aspect of being a freelancer. Especially because I am extremely introverted and find it hard to approach confrontation with people who have more authority than me.But luckily, being a freelancer means that you are your own boss. You make the rules, you set the times for meetings, and you decide how you are going to run things! *plays Beyoncé power anthem*

3. You never have to wear pants.

Perhaps my most favorite reason of them all. Being able to wake up in my pajamas, and stay in them all day long is the most rewarding thing ever. Sometimes I think about the people sitting at work in a cubicle and suit and cringe a little bit. While I understand that some people like getting dressed up for work etc., I would rather spend a Tuesday in fuzzy socks all day and save the pencil skirt for a night out on the town with friends.

4. You create your own hours.

I am an extreme night owl. I can work until 5 in the morning, and not even realize it. It’s just how I am! I feel super energized during the night, and less so in the day. Because of this, I do a lot of my freelancing at night…which my clients totally understand. Quite frankly, they don’t care when I am working, as long as I meet deadlines and produce quality work.

Before freelancing, I was never able to work from 11pm-4am and not been looked at as crazy. Nowhere I knew was hiring at that time, except maybe the graveyard night shift. But now that I work for myself, I am able to work when I want, and take naps almost every day (very important.)

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5. You are building yourself (and your own brand) up.

Working for yourself is essentially the best situation to put yourself in because you are working to make YOU better in the work force and industry, and not promoting someone else’s dreams.Whenever I had a boss in the past, I struggled to feel fulfilled by the work that I was doing. Why? Because I was working to make someone else’s name great, and I was essentially going to be one of those 10-point font names that scrolls by really fast in the ending credits.

Working for yourself means that you can put your own goals and aspirations first because you are your own employee and also CEO. Amen to that!

What is the reason that you became a freelancer? Tell me about it in the comments!

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Welcome to my interview series!

Today I am interviewing Reese, from Yes Supply. I’ve been reading Reese’s blog and following her on social media for over a year now. I love her brand and message, where she strives to help female creatives, and future girl bosses create a blog, business, and life they love. Sounds good, right?!

I got the opportunity to interview Reese and I’m so excited for you all to read it. Feel free to take inspiration from her and follow along on her journey.

Read my interview with Reese from Yes Supply Co., who helps female creatives, and future girl bosses create a blog, business and life they love.

Thanks so much for agreeing to come on the blog and be interviewed as a girl boss! Obviously, you’re doing something right 😉

Can you start by introducing yourself and your blog/brand?

Hey I’m Reese and I’m the founder of yes supply. I dreamt up yes supply as I found there was a need for support for women and creatives who wanted to build their business, brand and life of their dreams, but didn’t know where to look for support and advice.

As a woman, I’ve always found it hard to get access to a mentor who was willing to help give me guidance, and support me on my journey. When I looked to online interviews of people who had ‘made it’ their advice always alluded to the fact that they just fell into their dream job.

Although that might be true for some, I am quite aware that throwing yourself into the life of an entrepreneur comes with it’s fair share of obstacles.

I started it as a platform to have honest conversations with successful entrepreneurs who were willing to share their advice on how they achieved their dreams.

Since then, it’s transformed into a platform to encourage self-love and self-belief, which I think the lack of is the biggest obstacle to creating a life you love. Many people think that you need a degree, 100 years experience and a ton of connections to create the life you want. But the most important foundation you need to have is one of belief that you can do it, and in your mission that you want to accomplish.

I have now created Good Morning Beautiful, which is a daily motivational email. Hundreds of women have subscribed to these emails that share a daily inspirational quote, a show you how to stay focused on your goals, and help overcome the type of struggles that females deal with every day, from building confidence, to networking, or overcoming insecurities.

Women who sign up for Insiders, get access to Good Morning Beautiful, an online community of like-minded ambitious gals, plus an online space with video tutorials I’ve created on these issues everything from owning your morning rituals to how I’ve built my social media following and blog. Blogging has been absolutely life-changing for me, so I wanted to break it down and make it really easy for someone else who wants to get into this world too.

I often bring in guest entrepreneurs to lead the online workshops, and share their own perspective of building their own businesses. This, along with featuring my insiders on the blog build the community even more.

How did you get into the career path you are into now? Did you always know that you wanted to be a blog/business owner?

I didn’t always know that I wanted to get into this path, although I had the entrepreneurial bug for a while. I actually used to be a freelance stylist, and while building my business I realized that there were not enough resources, and enough honest role models, to look up to and get advice on growing your own business.

I started yes supply to inspire people to create a life they want, and to create a resource where people could get this kind of info.

What is your mission in your business? How do you seek to help others?

My mission is to help people get out of their own way, and only take yes for an answer.

So many people don’t reach their goals because they gave up the first things times got tough. I always say “People don’t fail because they can’t, they fail because they don’t.”

My insiders portal gives lessons, advice, and motivation to help wanna-be entrepreneurs take on those first tough steps of entrepreneurship, and get access to mentors in the masterclasses to give advice and answer important questions.

What does a typical day look like for you working as a creative entrepreneur?

I think when you’re a one-woman show, nothing is quite typical. It really does change from day to day, but it always includes focusing on growing my community of amazing ambitious women, and encouraging the people who are already in it to continue to go after their dreams.

I think when you’re a one-woman show, nothing is quite typical. Click To Tweet

Who is another girl boss that you admire or look up to? 

A girl boss I admire is Tina Roth Eisenburg. Her motto is that if she finds herself complaining about something more than a few times, then she’ll dream up a product or invention to solve it.

So many people get caught up in complaining about what they don’t want, instead of finding a way to create what they want, which does not help anyone move forward. She’s created a ton of admirable products, without compromising on her personal standards.

Can my readers follow you on any social media to keep up with your greatness?

Of course!

They can find me on instagram (where I tend to find myself the most) at My twitter is, and I have a recent love for pinterest at

You can also find me on facebook on my page, or join my free facebook group of ambitious girl-bosses, the yes supply society.


Job titles can be scary. And overwhelming. It seems like people think that the longer your title is, the more important you are by default. The title I go by is “Social Media Manager” or “Social Media Content Creator”. What the heck does that mean?

Well, I’m about to give you some insight into my daily work routine for you to experience it for yourself. Take this post for what it is…if you are wondering about whether working in social media is right for you, this may help you decide. (Psst! For a more visual look into my life, check out my Instagram)

A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager


Coffee. Lots of coffee.

Check my email for messages from clients. Respond to emails and finish my 3rd cup of coffee before making myself vertical.

Log onto all major social media platforms. I like to check my own personal accounts first to see if there is anything Earth-shattering happening. Then I…

Log onto client accounts and check engagements, retweets, comments, etc. that happened while I was sleeping.

Publish content to platforms for clients. I usually schedule all content for the week ahead on Sunday nights, so every morning is simplified and I just have to make sure the right content is going out.


Check on the content on platforms that was published the day before. Usually, there are comments to be responded to, and questions to answer.

Publish any new live content, like a blog post.

Engage with followers and clients. This could take many different forms…a twitter chat, Periscope, etc.

Respond to any new emails from clients regarding the plan for the day.


Run analytics. This is important for me to see which content is performing well for my clients, and allows me to re-adjust the marketing plan if necessary.

Review what posts are going to be published for the next day and add any last minute touches.

Check email once again and wrap-up things from the day.

And that’s it!

Well, if we are being honest…I am usually working until the wee hours of the morning. I find that I’m my most productive around 2 a.m. *yawns*

Ever wondered what it's like to be a social media manager? Want to learn more about being a freelancer? Wanted to manage social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter too? Find out the typical routine of this career, on the blog!

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Information is so readily available to us nowadays, that it can sometimes get overwhelming. Anything we want to know, we can Google within a few seconds. With podcasts, YouTube videos, Google searches, and more…who has time to sit down and read whole books anymore? Especially ones about self-growth or entrepreneurship?

This girl. Seriously, I’m a strong believer that we should all make time to sit down, get real with ourselves, and learn something new…the “old-fashioned” way. Books. I digress.

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Even if you only have time to read one of these books, I would still highly recommend it. The books for entreprneurs listed below really changed the way that I approached entrepreneurship and taught me a lot of different things about myself. These are books for entrepreneurs that are definite must-reads!

Must Read Books for Entrepreneurs

4 Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurs


This book is worth the hype. First of all, I love Sophia. I’ve loved Nasty Gal as a brand before I ever even knew who Sophia was and that she was the awesome founder. Once I heard (read?) her story, I couldn’t get enough. Seriously…I follow her on multiple social media networks and listen to her podcast religiously. Sophia is so smart and the true definition of a ruthless entrepreneur. She never let her current situation affect how she looked at her life and aspirations. She is transparent in this book and tells you exactly how she went from selling clothes on eBay to building a huge, expansive empire.

2.Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

I listened to this one as an audiobook once on a 6-hour Megabus journey heading from Chicago to Cleveland. Needless to say, the trip was grungy and gruesome. However, this book opened my mind and expanded my vision so much further than the dingy Megabus I was on.

3. Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media.

I received this book as a birthday present this past year, as I was attracted to the pretty cover art. Yes, I’m guilty of judging a book by the cover. However, in this situation, it turned out to be in my favor.This book really helped me jumpstart my freelance career of being a social media manager, specifically because of the way the book caters towards social media lovers. It’s easy and light to read, but has solid content and tips throughout.

4. You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Jen Sincero deserves to be fanned with palm leaves and fed grapes for the rest of her days because of this book. Quite possibly my favorite book on this list, You Are a Badass helps you connect to “source energy” and really get the most out of the awesome life you have been given. Jen is HILARIOUS, and I would often find myself laughing out loud. From a book. That doesn’t happen often for me, people.

What are your favorite books for entrepreneurs?

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