If you’ve been around my blog for some time now, you’ve probably heard me talk about Opinion Outpost or at least mention it. I’m a big fan of Opinion Outpost and have been using it for years now. However, I understand that some people are not familiar with the website and want me to explain the concept further and give my own Opinion Outpost review.

In this post, you will get my honest review of the website, coming from someone who actually uses the site. You can also learn more about the process for getting paid through Opinion Outpost/how it really works.

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Opinion Outpost Review

My Honest Opinion Outpost Review

Opinion Outpost Review

Make money for giving your opinions online sounds too good to be true…right? Wrong.

I can honestly say, from personal experience, that Opinion Outpost is a legitimate thing, and that if you take the opportunity to sign up and take surveys, you will eventually make money. I’ve recommended this website to my own personal friends and family. I started using the website when I was still in high school and wanting to make some extra money online for spending on the weekends. I liked the website so much because it allowed me to fill out the surveys in my free time, and I could do it from my bed since it’s all online 🙂 The following Opinion Outpost review + FAQ is written from my view only.

How much does it cost?

Joining Opinion Outpost is completely free for users to join, and sign up is easy! Once you join, you will be asked to take a “Welcome Survey” that asks questions about you in order for the website to help you be perfectly matched up to surveys.

Tip: Make sure to check your email’s spam folder after signing up in case the confirmation email is sent there

How much money can I earn from Opinion Outpost?

The amount of money that you end up earning is completely up to you and how much time you want to dedicate to it. The minimum cash out to PayPal from Opinion Outpost is $10, which equates to 100 points. I would usually complete 10-15 surveys a week and have enough points to cash out to PayPal by the end of the week.

Another thing to consider is that you will not always qualify for surveys. This can be frustrating, but Opinion Outpost is looking for a very “certain” type of person for some of their surveys. For example, they may be looking for females, over the age of 35, looking to buy a house in the next 6-12 months. If that doesn’t sound like you, you aren’t going to be recruited for surveys. Some people may get more chances and opportunities to complete surveys, simply because of their demographic.

What kind of payout can I get?

You can be paid out in a variety of different ways, including PayPal, Visa cards, Amazon and iTunes gift cards, and more. My favorite way to get paid out is with PayyPal because I can get the money transferred into my bank account to spend on anything within just a few days.

How does it work?

Businesses all over the world are constantly looking for opinions and pain-points in their product/services in order to improve the experience and brand image. They need consumers, like you and me, in order to get helpful and genuine feedback. That’s where Opinion Outpost comes in.

When you complete surveys about different product/services, businesses take the feedback and data they collected and use it to develop future marketing campaigns and more. Taking surveys gives you an opportunity to voice your opinions and feelings towards different brands, while also giving you an opportunity to make money. If you’ve ever heard of a focus group, this is the same type of concept.

What other questions do you have about Opinion Outpost? What is your Opinion Outpost review? Let me know. I would love to help!

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*This post does contain affiliate links. However, that does not influence this post, as all views expressed are honest and my own. I am not being paid to write this post.*


This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit a Chicago hair salon called George the Salon in order to try out a new service they offer. The service is called the Digital Detox and I’m here to review the service and go more into detail about my experience!

George the Salon: My Digital Detox Experience

I got to visit the salon on a Saturday morning, and let me tell you…it’s beautiful. George the Salon is located in the Gold Coast, (which is already gorgeous), and I felt like a queen even just being at the salon.

Chicago Hair Salon
Chicago Hair Salon

Everyone who worked at the salon seemed super nice and friendly, offering me coffee/tea/water and were making sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. I waited for my appointment in the little waiting area, and then when it was time, Jodi came and got me!

Jodi is the woman who gave me my massage, and she was also friendly and delightful to be around. She always made sure I was comfortable, before, during and even after the massage. She really made my experience amazing and the massage itself was to die for.

While the salon offers different types of massages, I was there specifically to try out The Digital Detox massage. The Digital Detox massage concentrates on the upper body for 25 or 55-minute sessions, working out the tension in your scalp, jaw, temples, face, neck, and shoulders, while moving out to arms, hands, and fingers. 

This massage was perfect for me because of how Internet and tech-based my life is. Since I work from my laptop as a freelancer, I am constantly online and hunched over my work. Jodi helped work on trouble spots and muscles that get overworked and overused when we use our laptops/phones/etc. I was so relaxed and zen during the massage that I probably could’ve fallen asleep!

Chicago Hair Salon

I felt amazing after the massage and my shoulders/neck felt a lot less tense. Jodi gave me some tips and tricks I can use at home to help relieve tension in my upper body from always being online, which I really appreciated it.

I truly didn’t want my experience and time at George the Salon to end, and I can’t wait to go back sometime soon to see the staff and especially Jodi. I would like to personally thank George the Salon for allowing me to try out the Digital Detox and for being so hospitable!

If you are interested in the massage I got, or even just George the Salon, click here to be taken to their website and learn more.  Click here to read all of George the Salon’s Yelp reviews. Appointments are available for the massage and I would DEFINITELY recommend this Chicago hair salon.


If you ever want to see a college student at their most stressed out, visit them during finals week. Although finals are made to truly test your knowledge and learning in a course, they have somehow turned into an all-out stress inducer for college kids across the nation. However terrifying college finals may seem, you do seem to always get through them, and the sun rises the next day. But do you know how to study effectively for a final?

Knowing how to study effectively is important as you can spend less time studying, but get more from your sessions, which will help you perform better on the test. Below you will find some of my best tips for killing it on your next exam. These are my tried and true tips that I personally use myself during finals!

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How to Study for Finals

How to Study Effectively for Your Final Exams

Get a Study Buddy

Be sure to take advantage of the other peers in your class when approaching a final. Chances are, they are just as freaked out about the final as you are. Because of this, you have the opportunity to possibly study with someone from the class.

A practical way to find a new study buddy in your class is to just simply ask someone in person after class! Perhaps there is a person you sat next to all semester long or even a new friend you might have made. If you are too shy to ask in person, think of emailing them (check the class roster) or shooting them a Facebook message.

Having another person from your same class to study with is so beneficial, as you can help quiz each other on course topics, and also clear up any misunderstandings about the content of the course. While you could just study on your own or with another friend, having someone who sat alongside you in the class will prove to be more helpful as you know they are in the same boat as you! Strength in numbers, right?!

Revisit Course Content

Let’s imagine that in an ideal world you have been staying on top of your course-work all semester long, and have been reading your textbook every night. Wow! That’s great.

Now, let’s take a look at reality and realize that you probably missed an assignment or two, and haven’t been hitting up that textbook as much as you’ve been hitting up that new season of Scandal on Netflix.

The great part about finals week is that you have time to revisit old course content that you may not have fully understood when first learning it, or might not have even read/studied it the first time around. Professors are looking to check your comprehension of the course in final exams, and will probably be pulling questions and content for the final from the entirety of the course.

Make sure to flip through your textbook and familiarize yourself with all of the course terms, theories, and concepts. You don’t want to be kicking yourself the day of the final when you realize the answer to a question was straight from the textbook! Also, ask to meet with your professor during their office hours to ask any questions or for further clarification on the course.

Prioritize Studying

I’ve heard people in my classes complain before that they were “too busy to study” or “wish they could’ve studied more.” While yes, there are sometimes physical and immovable limitations on our schedules, studying should really become a priority for you during finals week if you want to perform well.

A favorite way of mine to prioritize studying is to physically plan out and write in my planner the times that I will be studying for my test throughout the week. Having a set time written out and blocked off from the rest of your activities will protect your precious free time, and prepare you for when it’s time to take the test. Don’t be the whiney girl that’s upset with herself when final grades are returned!

Find Your Study Spot

Having somewhere sacred on campus (or in the surrounding areas) for you to study is key during finals week. Whether it is in the campus library or the nearby Starbucks, having somewhere to go where you can clear your head can really help you get into the studying “zone.”

It’s imperative to have a quiet place to study at where you feel comfortable and free from distractions. Sure, your bed might be comfy, but will you be tempted to doze off during studying or pull out your computer to Netflix + chill by yourself? Take an honest look at where you normally study (and with who!) before you go to study for your next final. Personally, I like to go to a coffee shop that is off-campus so that I am in a quiet environment, surrounded by other people that are usually doing work or something of the sort. Studying in the library on my college campus personally stresses me out and makes me feel more overwhelmed, but every person’s preference is different! 

Give Yourself a Break

I know, this may sound like a paradox. Give yourself a break?! On finals week? No way.

Yes way. I believe that you should study and prepare for tests as best as you possibly can, but also realize at the end of the day that exams are somewhat out of your hands and there is only so much you can do leading up to them. Give yourself a study break every now and again, and remind yourself that the result of this final will not alter the rest of your life significantly. If you follow the tips in this post on how to study effectively and try your best, you really can’t be too mad at yourself 😉

How do you prepare for finals and finals week? Share any of your study tips in the comments!

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As some of you may know, I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I love Cleveland so much, and while I currently live in Chicago, I’ll always think of Cleveland as my home. Last weekend, I got the opportunity to travel home to Cleveland and spend time with my family. I had such a blast and it’s always nice to get away from the city sometimes. Plus, I just went through midterms, and definitely needed a break! This post details my time back home and tell of some of my favorite things to do in Cleveland.

I’m also sharing an exciting opportunity and contest with you all at the end of this post with Megabus!

Things to Do in Cleveland Ohio

My Trip Itinerary

Thursday: Megabus trip from Chicago (4 pm) to Cleveland (11:30 pm)

Friday: Downtown Clevland for lunch, explore West Side Market and Ohio City.

Saturday: Pedicure appointment, attend CAVS game.

Sunday: Attend church downtown, brunch, Megabus trip from Clevland (1:30 pm) to Chicago (7:00 pm)

My Favorite Things To Do in Cleveland

One of my favorite feelings in the world is when I’m riding the Megabus, after a long 6-7 hour ride, and we finally pull into Cleveland. I love knowing that I am “home”, and seeing the familiar skyline. I’m sharing all of my favorite things to do in Cleveland below so you can maybe try them out if you get to visit.

West Side Market

The West Side Market is in Ohio City and has been around since 1912 (say what?) There are TONS of vendors at the market that sell everything from baked goods, to fresh meats, etc.

I love going to the West Side Market to grab something yummy (macaroons, croissants, fresh brewed coffee). It’s also fun to just walk around and see all the different things that are sold (and usually, made) right in Cleveland.

Here is a couple of photos from the market:

Things to do in Cleveland - West Side Market Vendors

Things to do in Cleveland West Side Market Above


I love this restaurant in the heart of Ohio City and on West 25th street. TownHall is a restaurant that supports and serves Non-GMO food. The food is absolutely DELICIOUS and fuels you with clean and healthy food.

Things to do in Cleveland TownHall restaurant

Credit: Tomorrowsantique.net

Some of my favorite things to get at TownHall are the Kickstarter coffee, food truck tacos, and Thai peanut bowl. Check out TownHall’s menu here. Literally, everything on the menu in TownHall is amazing. Trust me.

The Q/Cleveland Cavaliers

If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge Cleveland Cavalier’s fan. Basketball is my favorite sport to watch and I absolutely love my home team (and Kyrie Irving.)

Things to Do in Cleveland

Things to Do in Cleveland

If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do in Cleveland, check out the sports scene. I was able to go to the Cavs/Denver Nuggets game last weekend with my mom, and it was a blast. The energy is electrifying at the arena and being a part of a big fan-base is a great feeling. I love being in the presence of some of the world’s most accomplished athletes (hello, LBJ) 🙂 Attending a Cavs game is definitely one of my favorite things to do in Cleveland.

And then some…

While I was home, I also took my mom out to get a pedicure with me. I love pampering and treating the people closest to me, and getting a pedicure is one of my favorite things to do in Cleveland (or really, anywhere.) We headed to get our nails done on Saturday morning.

Things to do in Cleveland Nail Salon


So…what is a Megabus?

As I previously mentioned in this post, I took the Megabus last weekend to travel to Cleveland. I regularly take the Megabus to save money on traveling and find it takes the stress out of getting home.

Megabus is a service that I have been using ever since I first moved away from home to Chicago. They offer low-cost and inexpensive travel from city-to-city that is safe and convenient. Megabus is currently in over 100 different cities in North America, which I love! (See if they have your city here.) I’ve taken the Megabus many times myself traveling from college back home, and other members of my family take the Megabus when traveling, also.

Things to Do in Cleveland

What I love most about Megabus is how easy it is. I can easily book my Megabus ticket on my laptop (or on my smartphone). It’s a lot easier than booking a plane ticket or other alternatives. Plus, Megabus buses are awesome because they provide Free Wifi on board, and have power outlets! This is super convenient, as I usually can get homework done while I’m on the bus or update the blog 🙂

Marry Me on a Megabus

Things to do in Cleveland Marry Me on a Megabus

Megabus.com, the company that offers express bus service to more than 100 cities across North America, is providing a free wedding – on a Megabus – including honeymoon transportation (2 round trip tickets) and $2,500 to spend celebrating. How cool is that?!

The winning couple will receive transportation to and from their Megabus wedding, a free ceremony onboard complete with music, flowers and an officiant, as well as two round-trip Megabus.com tickets for honeymoon transportation viaMegabus and $2,500 in cash. To enter, share the story of how you and your loved one met and why you want to get married on a Megabus. The winner of the contest will be announced on March 15, 2017.

I hope you will enter the contest! Follow this link to enter for a chance to win: http://woobox.com/zcid6y

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of megabus.com. The opinions and text are all mine. Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand.