Christmas is right around the corner (I can’t wait!) and it’s time to think about what to get the leading lady in your life. Mom’s are the best…but what do they really want for Christmas?

I’ve gathered some perfect Christmas gift ideas for mothers in this post. These gift ideas are tried and true (my mom is usually pretty hard to buy for!) These gift ideas also won’t break the bank, even though mommas deserve the whole world 😉

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5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Your Mom

1. Cozy Flannel Pajamas

You really can’t go wrong with pajamas for moms. While some pajama sets are thin and “cheap-feeling”, a good pair of flannel pajamas go a long way.

My favorite brands to buy for my mom are Pajama Salvage, Victoria’s Secret, or L.L. Bean. You really get what you pay for with flannel pajamas, so I recommend spending a little more on a set that will last for years to come.


2. Luxury Bath and Body Care

Every mom should feel pampered from time to time! That’s why I love giving luxury bath + body care. Some of my favorite brands to buy from include Origins and LUSH.

Bath bombs are such a fun gift to give, because they come in so many colors and scents. I like shopping with the person in mind, so if I know my mom loves lavender…I’ll get her lavender soap or body wash. Extra little details like that show that you really listen and put some thought into the gift.

3. Heavy Blankets

No one can ever have enough blankets! I love buying heated/electric blankets for people (they are life-changing), or heavy, knitted blankets (like the ones you see all over Instagram!)

A few years ago, my sister bought my mom an electric blanket and she still uses it to this day! It’s so nice and snuggly to use when watching TV in bed or the living room.

4. Personalized Kitchen Accessories

One of my favorite gifts I’ve ever given my mom was a personalized cutting board. It was something unexpected, and my mom uses it all the time, even as a cheese board when we have company over (it gets lots of compliments!)

My mom has also received a personalized/engraved pie pan, and it’s really special to her. Think about what your mom likes to cook/bake, and get her name put on it! Plus, she’ll never lose it 😉

5. Artisan Coffee/Tea

Who doesn’t love coffee? Well, actually, my mom 😂 She’s more of a tea drinker, but both coffee and tea make a great gift. I like to splurge on more small-batch and artisan roasts/blends for Christmas gifts. Skip the Starbucks gift card this year, and show her that you thought outside the box.

This idea is really perfect for anyone in your life, as almost everyone likes either coffee or tea! Another gift idea to pair with this is a french-press or tea pot. I love the blooming tea (pictured to the left!)

What is the best gift you have ever given before? I would love to know!

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I’ll admit it: I love being pampered. I think pedicures are one of God’s greatest gifts to the world 😂

But booking appointments for my nails, hair, etc. can get time-consuming and expensive.

That’s why I’m obsessed with Groupon’s new BeautyNow feature. It’s a LIFESAVER, especially for someone like me who is always on the look out for a good deal in town.

My Favorite Way to Book Beauty Appointments: Groupon BeautyNow

If you’ve ever used Groupon before, you know how awesome the deals can be. BeautyNow, a feature in the Groupon app, allows users to seamlessly book their beauty services, enjoy discounted appointments during select times at top salons and spas, and a Cashless Payment feature applied post-service.

I recently took Groupon’s BeautyNow service for a test-drive with my best friend Alex. We were overdue for a girl’s day out, so we headed to Chicago’s North Side (Huron Nails) to get glam.

Booking the appointments through the app was SO easy, and makes getting your nails done a cashless experience. If you have the Groupon app on your phone, click here to go straight to the experience.

My nails turned out so great and I can’t get over how easy booking was using Groupon. I don’t think I’ll ever book an appointment without it, ever again!

Want to try out Groupon BeautyNow for yourself? Use the promo code “LENHART10” to receive $10 off!

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Chilly weather seems to be here to stay in Chicago – and I couldn’t be more excited! Don’t get me wrong, I love summertime in the Windy City. But colder weather means the holidays are coming, which is my favorite time of year. And in the meantime, there is plenty of time for lazy, movie-marathon days snuggled up in my pretty sleepwear + cozy apartment!

I recently discovered Alexander Del Rossa loungewear on Amazon and LOVE IT! I struggle with finding lounge/sleepwear that is both comfy and cute – but my new Alexander del Rossa set fits the bill.

I picked out a silky pajama set from the Amazon store and can’t stop wearing it. Click here to shop the pajama set I’m wearing below.

Alexander del Rossa Sleepwear

Alexander del Rossa Sleepwear

Alexander del Rossa Sleepwear

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Check out my other favorites from the Alexander del Rossa store below:

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Let’s admit it: Instagram is all the rage.

I personally love Instagram because it allows me to curate my own personal brand and aesthetic. (Check it out below and follow me here!)

I like to edit my photos in a very specific way, and frequently get questions about how I edit my photos. Keep in mind: I spend quite a lot of time on editing my photos because I want them to represent my own unique style. (In other words: I realize not everyone edits a photo to the extent I do!)

Nevertheless, I’m very open to sharing my creative process with you all and letting you into my little world of Instagram photo editing.

How I Edit My Instagram Photos for a Minimal, Desaturated Feed

1. Make Basic Edits

Not every picture is perfectly framed/cropped when it’s shot, so I like to start my editing process off by making some basic edits. I use my iPhone for this step.

Before Basic Edits

How I Edit Instagram Photos

The image you see above is a photo I received from a photographer. It was shot on a DSLR camera, and sent to me via Dropbox.

I love this photo, but don’t like some of the tones in the background (which I will fix later), and I also don’t like the parked cars, either.

To fix this, I will use my iPhone to make some basic edits (cropping, straightening.)

After Basic Edits

How I Edit Instagram Photos

2. Desaturate Harsh Tones

This step is crucial in my photo-editing process. I like my photos to have a monochromatic, neutral feel, but sometimes; the surroundings aren’t always perfect.

No worries! That’s what Photoshop is for 😊

I learned how to desaturate my photos from one of my favorite bloggers, Fashionlush. She has an awesome post up about how she desaturates her photos, which includes a follow-through YouTube video. Instead of trying to recreate the tutorial, I decided it would probably be best to link you to hers! (Click here to see how to desaturate photos in Photoshop.)

After Desaturating

How I Edit Instagram Photos

As you can see, I took out some of the green tones from the trees in the background, and also the blue undertones in the street/pavement. The end result is a more cohesive and less busy photo.

3. Apply Filters and Add Finishing Touches

The last things I like to do before uploading a photo to my Instagram feed is to apply a filter and make finishing touches.

I like to use VSCO Cam for applying filters to my photos, because it allows me to fine-tune how heavy I want the filter to be. *Secret: My go-to Instagram filter in VSCO Cam is called “S3”

After Filter

It’s in the VSCO Cam that you can also fix things like Contrast, Brightness, Grain, and more. A lot of these settings depend on the photo and personal preference.

And now, it’s time to upload to Instagram!

If you follow these steps, you will be left with a beautiful, desaturated + natural-looking photo.

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How to Edit Instagram Photos