Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Sale is back again and I couldn’t be more excited! The sale this year includes some awesome products, and I already managed to snag a few. 

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite picks from the sale with you all in this post. Don’t forget to tell me what you’re planning on purchasing!

My Picks from the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale

You can see all the products on sale by visiting this website.

I grabbed two products from the sale already. The first is Benefit Cosmetics Rollerlash Mascara. The mascara is marketed to be super-curling and lengthening.

According to Ulta.com, Rollerlash Mascara is:

  • Easy – to – remove
  • Contains Provitamin B5 and Serin, ingredients known for their lash – conditioning benefits
  • Water – resistant
  • Ink black
  • Satin finish

Sign me up!

The other product I picked up from the sale is Clinique’s Take the Day Off Makeup Remover. I’ve used this product before and love how gently + effectively it removes my makeup.

The product (according to Ulta.com) is:

  • Allergy Tested
  • 100% Fragrance Free
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Appropriate for contact lens wearers
  • Paraben Free
  • Non-irritating, non-stinging
  • For all skin types

I have my eye on a few other items from Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty sale. If you want to see those items, click here to be taken to the board I made over at Maven.com

*This post is sponsored in partnership with Maven.com and Ulta Beauty. All opinions are my own and honest. 


I still can’t believe that just this past weekend, I was in NYC for Fashion Week. It’s been a dream of mine to attend NYFW ever since I first learned about it as a little girl, and I still have to pinch myself when I realize I made that dream come true (and at age 20!)

My first Fashion Week experience was amazing, exhausting, exciting, and everything in-between. You really can’t prepare for what Fashion Week will throw at you…you really just have to face it head-on and experience it for yourself.

I’m sharing my experience with you all on the blog so that I can document this moment + also (hopefully) give some of you inspiration. I definitely left New York with a new boost of motivation + creativity injected into my veins.

My First-Ever NYFW Experience

I flew myself out to New York + attended most of the shows alone. While I met up with other friends + bloggers while I was in New York, it’s hard to really align your NYFW schedule perfectly with someone else. Plus, I got to do what I wanted to do since I was alone, and I don’t mind traveling alone at all!

I got to New York late Thursday night and headed to sleep early to prepare for the next day of attending shows.

Friday, September 8th

The first event I attended in New York was with my Obviously Team. Obviously is an advertising agency that I work with when creating content for my blog + social media platforms. Obviously was hosting an awesome “Relax + Refresh” event for their influencers throughout Fashion Week. I got to see the Obviously New York office, sip on some bubbly, get my makeup touched up by professionals, and charge my phone before heading out to shows. (Big THANK YOU to Obviously + Mae ❤️)

I then headed over to Pier 59 studios to attend the 831 Minhle Runway Show. I was so excited + nervous to attend my first-ever show and honestly had no idea what to expect. The show exceeded my expectations and I will never forget the experience.

I had a break in my day after the 831 Minhle show, so I grabbed some dinner before my next event, which was the Michael Costello Presentation.

The presentation was (probably) my favorite of the whole weekend. If the name Michael Costello sounds familiar, it may be because Costello was previously on Project Runway (he also designed Beyonce’s 2014 Grammy gown). The collection was absolutely dreamy + I loved how I got to walk around the space to see all of the models.

Saturday, Sept. 9

Saturday was a lot longer of a day for me…and it was pretty exhausting. But, I loved every minute of it and would totally do it again if I could.

I started off seeing the Taoray Wang runway show at Skylight Clarkson Square. After a series of very fortunate events, I was actually able to sit FRONT. FREAKING. ROW. at this show.


I then headed over to the Intrepid Air + Space museum to see the Linda Gail runway show. It was so interesting because the museum was open to the public and then there was also a fashion show going on in the back…which I had never seen before.

After Linda Gail, I headed over to Chelsea for a sushi dinner date with a fellow Chicago-blogger babe, Christina of Cuddlepill. I loved hanging out with her + getting to have a little piece of Chicago with me (check out her blog and Instagram! Her style is killer + she is the funniest).

My next show on Saturday was Irina Vitjaz. I loved the metallic fabrics Irina Vitjaz used in this collection, and really liked the model’s sleek hair + makeup.

My last runway show of the weekend was an Art Hearts Fashion show. The show was hosted by Nick Cannon + showcased multiple different designers, which was fun to watch and a good ending to the day.

New York Fashion Week left me with so many memories, and I can’t be more thankful for the opportunity to attend. It really goes to show that you can achieve any dream you put your mind (and hard work!) into.



Blogging starts out as a hobby for many people. We somehow stumble upon the beautiful world of blogging, and fall in love from first Bloglovin’ follow.

But for many, blogging can turn into a side-hustle, if not full-time job. It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources to make an awesome blog. (Interested in starting your own blog? Check out my step-by-step guide to get your blog up and running today!)

Making money while doing what you love (blogging) is not a crime. In fact, I believe that bloggers should be fairly compensated for their work + creativity, just like any other “normal” job. It’s 2017 people, get with the program!

I’m sharing the affiliate programs that I personally use on the blog to be more transparent with you all and to help out my fellow #bloggerbabes. There’s enough room for us all to succeed + make money online!

Top 5 Affiliate Programs for Lifestyle Bloggers

1. ShareASale

ShareASale is a website that allows you to easily become an affiliate for some of your favorite brands + services. I personally love ShareASale because how easy it is to use, and their minimum payout is only $50.

Some ShareASale merchants include:

2. Offerjuice

This affiliate network is very underrated. It is my highest earning affiliate and adds a substantial amount of money to my income each and every month. Offerjuice allows you to become an affiliate for several survey companies, like Opinion Outpost and Pinecone Research. You can apply to become an Offerjuice affiliate here.

These survey sites (Opinion Outpost and Pinecone Research) allow your readers to voice their opinion through a series of questions, in order to get paid real cash. I love sharing these services because I’m all about helping my readers make some extra money! This way, we both get something out of it. (Check out this post I wrote all about Opinion Outpost to understand more!)

3. Viglink

Viglink is a great affiliate to use if you are a new blogger, or are new to working with affiliates. It’s great because it turns your pre-written blog content into affiliate links, without you having to do anything (after installing Viglink‘s code on your site.)

Viglink is extremely passive and I frequently forget that I use this affiliate until I get a notification that I am due for payment! *insert happy dance*

4. Ebates

Another one of my favorite affiliates is Ebates. Mostly because I use Ebates myself almost every time I online shop!

Ebates is a service that allows you to earn cash back when making online and in-store purchases. They also offer special coupons and frequent double-cash back days.

The Ebates affiliate program allows you to earn $50 for every 2 people that sign up and use Ebates under your affiliate link. How awesome is that?!

5. Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliates is an oldie, but a goodie. Any blogger, of any niche, can use Amazon Affiliates to monetize their content. A great thing about this program is that the person clicking your affiliate link doesn’t even have to buy the exact product you are linking to. Let’s say you link to a lipstick, but your reader gets distracted after clicking your link to lipstick and buys a book instead. You will still earn commission from that book purchase!

Affiliate Programs for Lifestyle Bloggers

*This post does contain affiliate and referral links.*


It’s that time of the year again…back to school!

For me, it’s back to college. And junior year, too. I can’t believe how fast the time in college is flying. I remember being a scared incoming freshman, worried about how I would navigate campus + whether I would like my room mate or not.

While back to school can be stressful, it’s also super exciting. Getting everything packed up to move to a new place with new people is awesome!

But let’s face it…sometimes your college shopping list (read mine here) can fail you. You suddenly go to look for a paperclip or ibuprofen and realize….YOU FORGOT IT.

Back to College Essentials with Babbleboxx

I’m here to tell you all about Babbleboxx. I recently got my first Babbleboxx, and it was filled with everything I may need for back to school. The best part? Some of these things are objects I may have forgotten in the craziness of packing.

Casio Vintage Watch

I’m a very busy girl when back to school season comes around. It takes me awhile to get acclimated to a new class schedule + timing everything just right.

There was a beautiful, vintage watch included in my Babbleboxx that I can’t wait to rock on campus this quarter. It’ll help me stay on time, and check to see how many minutes of class are left, sneakily 😂

You can purchase your own timeless Casio Watch by clicking here.

Sour Punch Mini Bites

Okay, so you may be able to survive the beginning of the school year without candy. But if you’re like me, nothing’s better than a little sugar to act as motivation for completing that essay! Or, you can share the mini bites with your new room mate in hopes of getting her to like you (half-kidding.)

I was stoked to see one of my favorite candy brands, Sour Punch, included in my Babbleboxx. Candy is a very important food group 😋

Viv & Lou: Throw Blanket

Perhaps my favorite item in my Babbleboxx was my new Viv & Lou throw blanket. In college, you can never have too many blankets. You never know when a friend will ask to crash at your place after a long night out! #DormLife

I love the fun print of this throw and how comfy-cozy it is. Get your own throw from Viv & Lou here.

And get 25% off your Viv & Lou purchase by using the coupon code EmmaLen25 at checkout! (valid until September 30, 2017.)

BIG AZ® Sandwiches

Another great item included in my College Essentials Babbleboxx was BIG AZ Sandwiches. You seriously can never underestimate the amount of food a college kid will need…trust me. And it’s so nice to have easy, convenient meals in your dorm for when your running to get out the door for class, or just on-the-go.

BIG AZ Sandwiches are available around the country in convenient stores, but you can find where to purchase them by heading over here. And, get $1 off your sandwich purchase here

The Princess Saves Herself In This One & The Posh: Happy Living 2017-2018 Monthly/Weekly Planner

Staying on top of everything coming your way when going back to college can be stressful. There’s assignments, essays, social events, and more. Luckily, this Babbleboxx came with a “Happy Living Planner” that can help with keeping things straight. I love how positive the quotes in the planner are, and also the bright colors!

The Babbleboxx also included a poetry book called “The Princess Saves Herself In This One.” I’m excited to read it and plan on doing so when I’m overworked from reading textbooks and want a change of pace! You can buy it here.

Luden’s Throat Drop

Have you ever partied a little too hard and woke up the next morning with a sore throat? (Me too 😂)

Luden’s throat drops are a great secret weapon to keep in your dorm for those days when your throat/voice is over-worked and tired. And, the best part about Luden’s is that they taste SO. DANG. GOOD.

You can save $1 off 2 bags by clicking here.


While I loved everything included in my Babbleboxx, I was truly blown away by this last service I was introduced to…EZneeds. EZneeds is a platform + website that allows you to purchase every needs – like bathroom cleaner, pasta, and toothpaste – at a discount. The best part? There’s free shipping on orders over $50, and the shipping is fast – it arrives in just 1-3 days.

I decided to try out EZneeds and the platform to see if it really was as easy as it claimed to be. (*Spoiler alert – it was.*)

The EZneeds website is extremely easy to navigate and has all the products divided up by category.


You add items to your cart, proceed to checkout when done, and BAM! Your order is complete and will be on it’s way to you soon.

Take a look at my shopping cart below to see what I picked out for back to school (mechanical pencils, CLIF Bars, etc.)


I truly love EZneeds and will definitely be using the website in the future. I love how I can get bulk items, for a fraction of what they would be in-store.

Have a great time going back to college! Best of luck in classes ❤️

*This post was sponsored by Babbleboxx. All opinions are my own and honest.*