Ever wondered how to find a mentor?

If you are looking to set yourself up for success in your industry, consider getting a mentor while in college. Mentors can become your helping hand when trying to move up in your career. Mentorship can provide invaluable advice and connections, and even sometimes great friendship!

Mentorship can provide invaluable advice and connections, and even sometimes great friendship! Click To Tweet

Although it seems that most everyone knows how important mentors are, I find a lot of college students skipping out on them. I understand how busy college life can be, (I am a sophomore myself), but I truly believe that the extra time + work mentors demand are worth it.

Find out 3 different ways to find your next possible mentor!

How to Find a Mentor

How to Find a Mentor

1. Research + Cold-calling

My biggest mentor in my career so far resulted from a cold-call (or cold-email?) But really.

It may sound intimidating, but as long as you do your research on the person you want to get in contact with, things should be fine.

I found the person I wanted to be my mentor by just doing a Google search of the best public relations people in my area. I then found the person’s email and wrote a well-developed email to explain my background + why I wanted to have them as a mentor.

Sometimes people look at a mentorship as being a short meeting once a week. Or maybe a coffee date once a month. A Skype call. An unpaid internship.

The possibilities aren’t really what matters here, but rather the value that you take away from meeting with someone who has extensive experience in your desired career path.

2. Alumni Networks

My school has an online portal for current students to connect with past alumni online. It’s similar to LinkedIn, but it is completely exclusive for people that are legitimate students of that university. Alumni’s contact information is given out freely in alumni networks, and alumni are usually extremely willing to lend a helping hand to someone from their favorite school 😉

When reaching out to someone in an alumni network, make sure to note that you are a current student and looking to expand your network. Let them know that you appreciate their time, and are willing to accommodate your schedule to meet when it best works for them!

3. LinkedIn

If your school doesn’t offer you access to an alumni network, LinkedIn should become your new best friend. LinkedIn is an essential tool in the career world, and the opportunities for making connections and finding jobs are endless.

LinkedIn should become your new best friend. Click To Tweet

Use the LinkedIn search bar at the top of the website to search for professionals in your desired job or industry. You can even narrow your search to look for people in a certain area or city, (which is important if you are planning on meeting in person.)

You can also find potential mentors in different LinkedIn groups. Search for a keyword like “graphic designer” or “architect” in the search bar, and then select Groups from the filters. Ask to join some groups that look interesting to you, and once you are accepted, start interacting with the group. Find people that stand out to you as experts and interesting people in your field. You can then further pursue a relationship with those people, and eventually, ask if they are open to mentorship.

Have any other tips on how to find a mentor? Share your experiences + best tips for landing one in the comments!


It can be hard to keep track of everything and stay organized in college with new classes every semester, clubs, teams, parties (that counts, right?) + more.

I’ve been there before. My freshman year of college was a year of figuring out how to balance school with my social life. I was not organized, missed assignments, and found myself drowning in work sometimes.

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However, you learn how to roll with the punches in college and adapt to your new lifestyle. So don’t stress! Plus, I’m here to share a few “hacks” I used my freshman year to stay organized in college and keep on top of homework and assignments.

Stay Organized in College

3 Hacks to Stay Organized in College

1. Use a Planner

Planners make life so much simpler. It may seem like a chore to fill them out and write in all of your assignments, but it’s worth it and keeps you organized. It only takes a few seconds to write out your upcoming due dates for class, and you’ll thank yourself when all of your friends are freaking out about the paper they forgot to write 😉

I like to get myself a super cute and fun planner at the beginning of the year and start on the right foot. Below are a few of my favs for this year:

2. Download Your School App

Not every college/university has their own app, but it’s becoming super popular. So make sure you check to see if your school has one! I was surprised to find that my semi-small school had an app. And after downloading, it changed my life.

My school’s application is iPhone accessible and has a ton of features that saved my butt freshman year. The app has a full map of the campus’ layout, with building names and locations. My school’s app also connected with my online portal and synched my class schedule to the app, so I could always double check the time/place of my classes when I was first starting out on campus.

3. Print Out the Syllabus

One of my college professors once told me that a syllabus is like a contract between the students and teacher. When you receive a syllabus, you are acknowledging that you read everything and understand it.

I get that some people are more digital-oriented. They like to take class notes on their laptop rather than a notebook, etc. However, I really recommend printing out the syllabus for every class in college. It is so much easier to pull out your syllabus in class and look up a due date, rather than pulling out your iPhone in a class that has a strict “no-phone” policy.

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As some of you may know from reading my previous blog posts, I have worked as a freelance social media manager + content creator for over a year now.

I love being a freelancer and being able to work from home, while still being in college. I have a post where I specifically go into depths about what it means to be a social media manager, and the job details, which you can read by clicking here.

However, today I am going to be talking about a certain “hack” that I came across while freelancing that made me a lot of money and gained me more clients than I could keep up with.

When I first started freelancing, I was a novice social media manager and, in turn, was working many hours a week for low pay. I thought that I had to undersell myself in order to gain people’s trust. Which to some extent, is true. At the beginning of your career, you will need to gain experience and build your resume before you can charge more.

Not sure how to become a freelancer yet? Read my post on how to quit your job + become your own boss here. 

But, something I realized after some time is that people are somewhat more inclined to hire a freelancer with a higher pay rate. For example:

After I had worked with a couple different clients, I raised my hourly freelance rate for social media management by $10 or so. Not a huge increase in my rate, but noticeable enough. Right after I did this, I started getting tons more of responses to my job applications, invitations to interview, etc.

Why is this so?

People looking to outsource in their business and hire a freelancer are looking for quality. They want the job done well, and to their standards. So, when they see someone charging $3 an hour (trust me, there are tons of people like this on freelancing websites), they question how valuable the person will really be to their company.

Think about it. If you were working for someone, and being paid only $3 an hour, would you want to work very hard? Would you be determined to create awesome content? Please your client to the fullest extent? If you are being honest with yourself, probably not. Because you aren’t being paid for that level of carefulness and perfectionism!

By raising your freelance prices, you are showing people that you are worth it.Your services take a lot of work on your end. You need to be compensated for your time. Do not sell yourself short! You deserve to work with your dream clients.

So, I challenge you to raise your prices (even just a little bit)! Let me know any results you see, and I wish you the best!

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I’m all for getting glam.

You know. Moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer, highlighter…and that’s just the face.

But sometimes, us busy girl’s don’t have time on our way out the door to do a full face of makeup. Sometimes you just want to look polished, whether you’re heading to class or your job. (I’m always waking up 10 minutes before I need to leave for somewhere. Not a morning person.)

I’ve decided to show you all my quick, simple makeup routine! I can usually do this in 5 minutes or less. Woo!

Side note: I’ve listed these products from top to bottom in order of when I put them on 😉 Also, all images are clickable and will you take you to the sale site.

Makeup for Busy Women

5 Minute Makeup Routine for Busy Girls


BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector 4.5 G (0.16 OZ)

This stuff is the real deal. I first found it through Natalie Halcro (yes, I am obsessed with the show WAGS). Natalie’s under eye area is always so bright and highlighted, which is a look I love.

I swipe this creamy corrector under my eyes with my pointer finger after moisturizing my face. It makes a huge difference and makes me look 10x more awake than I actually am.

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer, Light 120, 0.2-fluid Ounce

Don’t be confused, this is a different product than the Becca product listed above. The Becca product is an undereye corrector, and this Maybelline product is a concealer.

Yes, I find that they are both necessary if I really want that bright-eyed look. The Becca corrector cancels out all of the blue/purple tints under my eyes, and this Maybelline concealer covers and blends into my skin. I also love the sponge tip applicator on this product, because it’s like a built-in brush. And we’re all about saving time!

Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Plus Poreless Powder, Translucent, 0.29 Ounce

This step is pretty self-explanatory, but I always set my face with powder before heading out the door. My skin is pretty oily, and not in the cute “dewy” way. So, I make sure to set my concealer with this powder + a kabuki brush every morning.

Benefit Cosmetics They’Re Real! Mascara

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend was using the wrong mascara.

Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend was using the wrong mascara. Click To Tweet

This mascara is bomb. It really gives you the false eyelash look that it promises, and I’m always complimented on my lashes when I wear it. If I could only pick two makeup products in the morning, I would choose to use powder and this mascara. Seriously, it doesn’t disappoint.

Nivea Lip Butter Tin – 0.59 oz
This is one of my holy grail items. I can’t go to sleep at night without putting this on my lips, and I love it for daytime wear too. It’s super thick, smells amazing, and keeps my lips soft all day long.

That’s it for my quick, 5-minute makeup routine.

I would LOVE to know what your go-to items are for early mornings. Tell me in the comments section!